Andy Parrish on marriage amendment defeat: 'We won 74 out of 87 counties'

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Parrish on the election results: "Last night was so bad Gauthier could have won in Duluth."
Andy Parrish, deputy campaign manager for Minnesota for Marriage -- the leading group pushing the defeated Minnesota marriage amendment -- is apparently having a hard time accepting that a majority of Minnesotans don't want to enshrine a same-sex marriage prohibition into the state constitution.

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Last night, Parrish took to Twitter and pointed out a fact that is apparently reassuring him while he mourns the marriage amendment's defeat -- that a vast majority of Minnesota counties supported the Vote Yes cause.

Indeed, there is something to that observation, as evidenced by this interactive county-by-county map. With the exceptions of Cook, St. Louis, Blue Earth, Nicollet, Olmsted, Rice, and Winona counties, the only counties where Vote Yes didn't receive a majority of the votes are in the Twin Cities metro area.

But as pointed out to Parrish by Minnesota political blogger Eric Austin, how many counties supported Vote Yes doesn't matter. All that's important is that a majority of Minnesotan voters either voted no or didn't vote on the marriage amendment at all.

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