Angelina O'Mara admits to killing ex-husband days before she allegedly killed boyfriend

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Fall 2011 was a very bad time to be romatically involved with Angelina O'Mara.
On Tuesday, Angelina O'Mara admitted to killing her ex-husband, 43-year-old James O'Mara, by shooting him in the head in his Sauk Rapids apartment on October 28, 2011.

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Days later, her then-boyfriend, 36-year-old Blaine resident Michael Pies, also turned up dead in Ashland, Wisconsin, with a gunshot wound to his head. O'Mara, 39, still faces a first-degree murder charge in connection with Pies' death (her Facebook profile can be seen here).

As WCCO reported last year, "Both Pies and James [O'Mara] appeared to have the same manner of death -- a gunshot wound to the head, with a pillow over their face."

O'Mara confessed to her ex-husband's murder after three days of trial. During opening statements, her lawyer suggested Pies had a motive to kill James O'Mara. Indeed, after both men were found dead, one of James' friends said James had been receiving threats from Pies.

But Angelina O'Mara apparently decided not to proceed with her defense and instead pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. It's unclear what her motives were.

From the St. Cloud Times:
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The Daily Mail
James O'Mara (left); Angelina O'Mara and her longtime boyfriend Pies during happier times (right)
The surprise plea came after jurors last week watched several hours of videotape of police interrogations of Angelina O'Mara. They saw her give numerous and often conflicting versions of her whereabouts before and after her ex-husband was killed in his Sauk Rapids apartment...

O'Mara had long maintained that she didn't kill her ex-husband and that she knew who might have. She initially blamed the Hells Angels for killing James O'Mara, then she blamed Pies for the killing. Witnesses testified that Angelina O'Mara was at the apartment the morning of Oct. 29, and investigators believed that could have been when she killed her ex-husband.

But in her guilty plea Tuesday, she said she killed him the night before, meaning she went back to his apartment hours after killing him.
O'Mara has also admitted to killing Pies, though she claims she did so in self-defense after the two began struggling over a rifle. She claims Pies abused her.

The Times reports that O'Mara will be sentenced for killing her ex-husband on December 21 -- she's expected to get life without parole. If she doesn't reach a plea agreement first, she'll then face another first-degree murder trial in Wisconsin.

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