Anne Marie Rasmusson's settlement haul now over $1 million

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Rasmusson will receive a extremely nice haul for having her private data unlawfully accessed hundreds of times.
Last month, the city of St. Paul agreed to pay Anne Marie Rasmusson -- the subject of our February cover story, "Is This Woman Too Hot to Have a Driver's License?" -- $385,000 to settle her invasion of privacy lawsuit. That came on top of a $280,000 settlement she reached with all other cities she sued other than Minneapolis and St. Paul. Put it together and that's $665,000.

-- Anne Marie Rasmusson names cops in data breach lawsuit
-- Anne Marie Rasmusson's driver's license accessed 174 times in 2006
-- Anne Marie Rasmusson sues cops who accessed her record

Today, the Star Tribune's Eric Roper reports that the Minneapolis City Council has agreed to settle with Rasmusson for $392,000, pushing her total haul to over $1 million.

So for the mental and emotional anguish associated with having her personal Driver and Vehicle Services database information unlawfully accessed many hundreds of times, Rasmusson will receive at least $1,057,000 in settlements. The Pioneer Press reported last month that she still has a pending lawsuit against the state of Minnesota, so that total will probably still grow.

For the sake of the taxpayers, officers, please -- next time just use Facebook or Google to scratch your cyber-stalking itch.

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Kevin Green
Kevin Green

She is obviously tied into the political establishment here in Minnesota? I wonder who why how? Ex cop knows judges etc. Married are you or ... whose your Daddy?

Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson

I'll gladly let them to do that to me for a million bucks.

Bridget Sullivan
Bridget Sullivan

Bullshit.... Who cares??? I am sure she was really upset people were looking at her information....What a waste of time and taxpayers money!

Aus Tin Padilla
Aus Tin Padilla

Sucks that the taxpayers have to front the bill for the stupid pigs that did this... even more reason to cut funding to police


From the hearts and the pockets of Minneapolis, way to go dude, you did it.

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