Anne Marie Rasmusson's settlement haul now over $1 million

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Rasmusson will receive a extremely nice haul for having her private data unlawfully accessed hundreds of times.
Last month, the city of St. Paul agreed to pay Anne Marie Rasmusson -- the subject of our February cover story, "Is This Woman Too Hot to Have a Driver's License?" -- $385,000 to settle her invasion of privacy lawsuit. That came on top of a $280,000 settlement she reached with all other cities she sued other than Minneapolis and St. Paul. Put it together and that's $665,000.

-- Anne Marie Rasmusson names cops in data breach lawsuit
-- Anne Marie Rasmusson's driver's license accessed 174 times in 2006
-- Anne Marie Rasmusson sues cops who accessed her record

Today, the Star Tribune's Eric Roper reports that the Minneapolis City Council has agreed to settle with Rasmusson for $392,000, pushing her total haul to over $1 million.

So for the mental and emotional anguish associated with having her personal Driver and Vehicle Services database information unlawfully accessed many hundreds of times, Rasmusson will receive at least $1,057,000 in settlements. The Pioneer Press reported last month that she still has a pending lawsuit against the state of Minnesota, so that total will probably still grow.

For the sake of the taxpayers, officers, please -- next time just use Facebook or Google to scratch your cyber-stalking itch.

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