Awesome Livefyre commenting system updates

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Energized after the Thanksgiving holiday, our commenting system just got a huge upgrade. We have yet to figure out how to include scratch 'n sniff comments, but just give us a little time.... we'll get there.

Here's an easy rundown of how we've improved Livefyre for you after the jump.

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Edit comments
Realize there was a huge typo in your post? Want to add something in after the fact? Go for it.

Include links
Need to link to another one of our articles to prove a point? Want to illustrate something you saw somewhere else? (Maybe even post a GIF?) You got it.

Embed pics from Instagram and Pinterest
Make your comments stand out with a little help from extra-pretty photos at these sites.

Embed videos from YouTube
Give a little extra oompf to your post with a video.

Embed songs from Spotify
Sometimes a song says it better than words.

Bolding, Italics, Underlining
No need to resort to just ALL-CAPS anymore, please. Take advantage of the way that you can make your voice heard.

As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section so we know what is and isn't working.

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I am loving it!! I'm thinking of using it instead of disqus.. but I have know every detail before doing that.



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