Bob Koss, MNGOP Senate staffer, calls John Kriesel a "piece of shit" -- and gets fired [UPDATE]

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Koss (left) called a decorated veteran and Republican legislator a "piece of shit" because he has the audacity to support gay marriage.
Between Michael Brodkorb and Bob Koss, the MNGOP sure knows how to hire 'em, don't they?

-- Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer says disabled Purple Heart recipient John Kriesel has "no courage"
-- Michael Brodkorb says marriage amendment is cynical MNGOP get-out-the-vote ploy

Last night, Koss, a MNGOP Senate caucus legislative assistant (apparently for Sen. Joe Gimse, R-Willmar) who describes himself as a "Wisconsinite outsourced to Minnesota, happily engaged, free-thinking conservative," outed himself as either a really angry drunk, or a man with a deep-seated hatred of disabled veteran Rep. John Kriesel, R-Cottage Grove, or both. Because during an ugly Twitter exchange, Koss called the decorated war hero a "piece of shit," "disgusting," and a "self serving SOB," among other niceties.

Kriesel, a Republican who departs from MNGOP orthodoxy by proudly supporting gay marriage, apparently really knows how to rile up his fellow Republicans. His acrimonious exchange with Koss came just days after Minnesota for Marriage's Andy Parrish called him a "pretend Republican," adding that "John K is all about John K." The dude has his legs blown off in Iraq serving our country, and these are his fellow Republicans calling him these things all because he has the audacity to not give a rip whether you're gay!

Here's the blow-by-blow of the Koss-Kriesel throwdown:

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Immediately after Koss dropped his "piece of shit" line, a number of folks, including DFL activist Zack Farley, opined that it should cost Koss his job:
Kriesel, for his part, said it was no big deal: An hour or so later, Koss attempted an apology: But Kriesel wasn't having it (Koss later deleted all the offending tweets): What does the future hold for the MNGOP's best and brightest, Mr. Bob Koss? Perhaps a job search... only time and Dave Senjem will tell.

:::: UPDATE ::::

-- 1:16 p.m. -- Koss is no longer employed by the MNGOP Senate caucus, MPR's Tom Scheck reported moments ago.

Though Scheck reports that Steve Sviggum, the spokesman for the MNGOP Senate caucus, wouldn't discuss details about the circumstances of Koss' departure, Koss was fired, according to WCCO's Pat Kessler.

From Scheck:

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