Bradlee Dean ordered to pay Rachel Maddow legal fees he owes her by next week

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A D.C. judge ordered Dean to pony up.
Since late June, Bradlee Dean has owed Rachel Maddow and the now-defunct Minnesota Independent $24,625 in legal fees stemming from a ridiculous defamation lawsuit he failed against them.

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In the meantime, America's most notorious gay-unfriendly tracksuit-wearing preacher has found himself in hot water with the IRS thanks to his deceptive fundraising practices, and he's also found time to make fun of Maddow's looks on Facebook. But now, the joke is on Dean, as Monday a D.C. judge ordered Dean and his legally troubled representation to cough up the $25k by next week.

From Ken Avidor's Bradlee Dean Info blog:
Yesterday the following appeared on the DC Court docket for DEAN, BRADLEE, et al. Vs. NBC UNIVERSAL (NBC), et al:
Order Sua Sponte for Plaintiffs' counsel to file praecipe by 5PM on November 13, 2012, with copy to Defendants, stating whether Plaitniffs paid Defendants $24,625.23 pursuant to June 25, 2012 order entered on Docket on 11/5/12. Signed by Judge Zeldon in chambers on 11/5/12. E-filed/e-served via CFX on 11/5/12. mfd
Followed by:
Order Denying Plaintiff's Motion to Recuse Signed and Submitted by Judge Zeldon on 11/05/2012 14:56. tw
Order Denying Plaintiffs' Motion to Stay Execution on Order Signed and Submitted by Judge Zeldon on 11/05/2012 15:00. tw
Order Directing Plaintiffs' Counsel to File, by Novemer 13, 2012, by 5:00 PM, Praecipe Stating Whether Plaintiffs have paid Defendants $24,625.23 submitted 11/05/2012 16:30. ajm. Signed by Judge Zeldon on November 5, 2012.
Here's a screenshot of the docket:
dean maddow.jpg

It isn't clear what consequences await Dean if he doesn't pay up by next Tuesday, but we have a suggestion for Judge Zeldon -- make him get a Maddow-style haircut from the most flamboyant stylist in Minneapolis. Now that'd be poetic justice.

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The courts are so corrupt in America today.  There is no way Bradlee's suit should have been dismissed.  No one has to pay somebody else's legal fees unless there is a previous contractual agreement to pay court fees, usually in a business contract. 


The judge is just another corrupt judge in America.  Anybody man that sides with Rachel Maddow isn't going to stand up against corruption in America. 


This also shows how the IRS is used against the foes of tyranny.  MSNBC got banker bail out money, they are a government mouth piece.  I hope Bradlee refuses to pay these corrupt people. 


Hardly anybody wastes a minute watching Rachel Maddow or Screwball Mathews.  The ultimate fools are those that pay cable $100+ per month to have the government lie to them through the tube.  That is paying for your own enslavement.  Have fun with that approach. 


Lying Loser Loses.  Again.  Goes home to trailer park to sulk.


Sometimes I think Bradlee Burnout gets to much attention from CP, but I'm glad that somebody is keeping him accountable for his charades. I use to think he was simply a religious zealot, but now I'm convinced he is mentally ill.

Dog Gone
Dog Gone topcommenter

This guy is a dishonest man.  He did the same thing - misrepresenting his organization as a teen suicide prevention group (no mention of rabid homophobia, lying about homosexuals and pedophilia, or being an all around religious wanker), but to the tune of $20 for his piece of shit CD of bad music.

Bob Alberti
Bob Alberti

Unlike his political commentary, Dean can't just pull money out of his ass...

green23 topcommenter

Of course, our resident wingnut, Kirk, assured us all that Dean would win this lawsuit and render Maddow disgraced and bankrupt.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

He could quickly raise the money by charging people $10 to punch him in the face.  He'd make millions.

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