Bradlee Dean still won't pay Rachel Maddow, wants presiding judge removed from case

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Despite a judge's order, Dean still refuses to make Maddow whole.
Last week, judge Joan Zeldon ordered Bradlee Dean to pay Rachel Maddow and the now-defunct Minnesota Independent the $24,625 in legal fees he owes them by this Tuesday.

-- Bradlee Dean mocks Rachel Maddow's looks on Facebook [IMAGE]
-- Bradlee Dean crank calls Keith Ellison, alleges that Muslims want to execute gays [AUDIO]

Well, Tuesday came and went without Dean paying up. So what's Dean's plan? It appears he and his attorney, Larry Klayman -- who has legal problems of his own involving an allegation he sexually abused his own children -- are arguing that Judge Zeldon should be removed from Dean's case because she's a supporter of "leftist ideology."

From a new report published on WND's website:
An appeal is being prepared in a case that alleges MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow defamed a Christian minister by maliciously asserting he advocated the execution of homosexuals, after a judge who was accused of being biased against the plaintiffs went ahead and dismissed it...

"Recusal is required when judicial remarks create the appearance that the court's impartiality may be called into question, and 'could suggest,' to an outside observer, such a 'high degree of favoritism or antagonism' to defendants' position that 'fair judgment is impossible,"" said an affidavit filed with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia concerning the actions and statements of Judge Joan Zeldon...

"Incredibly, despite Dean and YCR having argued that Maddow and MSNBC's fees and costs were fraudulent, Judge Zeldon stated in her order that defendants lawyers are 'distinguished,' and to the contrary disparaged Dean and YCR and their counsel, Larry Klayman. Because this, and other biased statements in the order, unmasked her prejudice, yesterday Dean and YCR filed pleadings to disqualify Judge Zeldon and have her order vacated...," the filing said.
The affidavit also includes some remarks from Dean himself, including this: "It became clear to me that the judge, Joan Zeldon, harbored an extra-judicial bias and prejudice against me and YCR stemming from our conservative Christian advocacy against the so-called gay and lesbian political agenda, which is based in part on teaching young children in public and private schools that homosexuality is 'normal' societal behavior. ... Specifically, it became clear to me, based on Judge Zeldon's statements and actions, that she favored defendant Rachel Maddow..."

Finally, in an interview with WND, Klayman offers up this preposterous statement: "We need more Bradlee Deans in the world and hateful left wing television commentators must be made to respect not only his mission but the law."

If nothing else, Klayman's latest filing buys Dean and company a little more time to fundraise. Be on the lookout, Iowa Hy-Vee shoppers!

-- Hat-tip: Ken Avidor --

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green23 topcommenter

Klayman's brief was stunning in its stupidity, and was possibly more defamatory than the remarks made about Dean. The entire brief could be reduced to, "The Defendants are liberals, and everybody hates liberals, so gimme mah money". Klayman was lucky that he wasn't sanctioned.


Court briefs have higher standards than Free Republic editorials.


The irony, of course, lies in the fact that Dean went before the Legislature and defamed the President by strongly implying that the President is a Muslim.

swmnguy topcommenter

If it didn't mean I'd have to pay for this bottom-dweller's food and lodging for a while, I'd like to see him locked up for a while.  If I disobeyed a court order, they'd toss me in the jug.  What's so special about him?  Of course, I bathe regularly and own grown-up clothes.  Maybe that's the difference.  Oh, and I take responsibility for my words and actions.  That seems to be different too.

Erica Anderson
Erica Anderson

Of course he hasn't paid Maddow. The track suit loving bigot doesn't want his $(that he gets from scamming people) go to someone who is a lesbian.


It is impossible to think of another American political movement that so virulently despises the rule of law. Except, of course, for when they are in charge and making the laws and then they insist on being the boss of everyone.


When are actual conservatives going to take back their party from the radical theocrats?

Sara Haaf
Sara Haaf

Why doesn't he just shut up and go suck some cocks, he knows he wants to.

Theresa Bruckner
Theresa Bruckner

Pride or money troubles? Not much cash in being a hateful nutbag these days? Time to start selling off your track suit collection, bro!

mingtran topcommenter

@mark.gisleson: I can: the current "progressive" (regressive) agenda. Obamacare, affirmative action, virtually all entitlements are illegal or very,very gray at best if we are to believe the constitution is actually still a real thing.


 @mingtran  Your interpretation of the constitution is so incredibly laughable. Please do tell me what aspect of law your credentials reside in? 


I have a hunch it's in the same region I might find your head in.

mingtran topcommenter

@anthonasty: in law, there is a thing called "intent". I'm sorry sir, but if you think the founding fathers' intent was to create a nation of entitlements, I'd have to call you an asshole. Unless of course you can prove that intended temporary emergency entitlements were to remain permanent (among myriad other unconstitutional issues)

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