Chris Kluwe and Andy Parrish debate on AM 1130 [AUDIO]

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With the marriage amendment defeated, Parrish is now concerned about kindergarteners being taught about gay marriage.
Last night's debate between Chris Kluwe and Andy Parrish went pretty much as expected, with Parrish using Minnesota for Marriage talking points as a shield to deflect Kluwe's arguments.

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By the end of the roughly half-hour segment, AM 1130 hosts Jack Tomczak and Benjamin Kruse had openly turned against Parrish, with the result being a three-on-one verbal beatdown. But Parrish remained strong, repeatedly insisting that "The best environment for children is with a mother and father" even as Kruse told him, "You're wrong!"

Here's the audio (the Kluwe-Parrish debate begins around 14:00):

It definitely wasn't a TKO, but we might have to score this one for Kluwe on points. Though on second thought, the WWE-style three-on-one tactics employed against Parrish by the hosts probably means this debate resulted in a disqualification.

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