Chris Kluwe on the election: 'It makes me proud to be part of this state'

Chris Kluwe talks election results with City Pages.
Now that the election is finally over, we checked back with Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, the subject of our October 24 cover story, "Game Changer," to get his thoughts on the results.

In the weeks leading up to November 6, Kluwe became arguably the most interesting part of the battle over a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota, making national headlines for his aggressive defense of gay rights. As we reported in the feature story, many believed Kluwe reached an audience that otherwise paid little or no attention to the race, and could be the difference in what turned out to be a nail-biter until the bitter end.

COVER: Game Changer
Watch the moment MN United defeated the marriage amendment

Kluwe watched the results pour in from home, and was pleasantly surprised when the amendment was defeated early Wednesday morning. Though he was always hopeful it would fail, he says he took nothing for granted until it was over.

"It was good to see that the Vote No led the entire time," he says. "I think that says good things about where we're headed as a society."

The fact that Minnesota was the first state to defeat such an amendment is significant, Kluwe says.

"I think it says that Minnesotans are people who value freedom over oppression," he says. "It makes me proud to be part of this state, even if it is just for a pro football team."

Moving forward, Kluwe says he'll continue to be active in Minnesota's fight to make gay marriage legal.

Looking beyond Minnesota, the election was a landmark for gay rights. Maryland, Maine, and Washington all voted to legalize same-sex marriage, and Wisconsin elected America's first openly gay U.S. Senator, Tammy Baldwin. Kluwe believes this is emblematic that attitudes toward homosexuality are changing across the country.

"I think it shows that people are finally realizing enough is enough," he says. "Discrimination is not something we should ever tolerate. We're hopefully making our way along a path to get rid of discrimination as much as we can."

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k2yeb topcommenter

Two words. Attention whore. Kind of fits the mold for a football player who's face is hidden so he spends his whole career trying to get people to recognize him. Try punting better Kluwe, you still aren't even top 10. 

David Lutchen
David Lutchen

What would make someone proud to have a one party rule? Oh I know, someone who is a partisan blowhard.


 @k2yeb Why is he an attention whore?  This has nothing to do with recognition, he's not trying to pull football into this, he's not trying to sell tickets, he's trying to make sure people are treated equally.  He's not doing this for him, he's doing it for them.The fact that his voice is heard because he is more significant than you doesn't make him an attention whore, it means somewhere in life, you didn't try as hard as he did.




 @ludwitr  @k2yeb  Top 10?  As of last week, he was ranked #24, right near the bottom.  Yes, he is an attention whore, because if it weren't for his stance on gay marriage (and the Nazi-esque way he conveyed his message), no one would even know who he is.  Just listen to this guy.  You can tell he just loves the sound of his own voice.  Yes, I believe that he is sincere in his conviction for this cause, but please don't believe for a minute that there was nothing in it for him.  He got a lot of free media coverage over this.


This is yet another reason why I wish celebrities and pro athletes would just keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics.  No one cares what they think.  As a Republican, even I cringed when Victoria Jackson (who is a celebrity only in her own mind) went on her tirade about Obama's victory.  I thought to myself, "OK, sweetie, Romney lost.  Get over it. Making a damn fool of yourself (again) is not going to change the outcome.  Move on.  And lay off the doughnuts and pizza.  You've turned into a fatty."



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