Chris Kluwe too profane for River Falls' schools, but suitable for the public library

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One month after his scheduled talks in River Falls schools were canceled, Kluwe will speak at the library.
In mid-October, Chris Kluwe was scheduled to speak at middle and high schools in River Falls. But after some parents expressed concern that the outspoken Vikings punter might use "inappropriate language," his appearance was canceled.

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Today, the Coalition for a Compassionate Community announced that Salon's Sexiest Man of 2012 will speak in River Falls on November 20, but not at schools. Instead, he's scheduled to give a talk at the River Falls Public Library.

In a report published today, the River Falls Journal provides some background as to why some parents didn't want Kluwe speaking in schools:
A letter to the editor in the Oct. 25 edition of the River Falls Journal opines that parents protested about potential 'inappropriate language," causing the talk's cancellation.

[CCC member Don] Richards calls the cancellation "predictable" but says he doesn't think Kluwe would have talked to the kids like colleagues in a locker room. He thinks it was a minister who first objected to [Kluwe's infamous "cockmonster" letter]

School District Superintendent Tom Westerhaus says "challenges" came pretty quickly from administrators who looked up and read the letter, as well as parents. Other callers said the district should absolutely let Kluwe talk...

The superintendent says it was purely the words used it contained that prompted the decision: "Not at school."

Westerhaus said RFSD could not risk someone using that strong of language with kids at the middle and high school.

"The issue was not about gay marriage at all," said Westerhaus, "The issue was the language he used in a letter to the senator." [The target of Kluwe's letter, Emmett C. Burns Jr., is actually a Maryland Delegate, not a senator.]

The superintendent said RFSD could not risk someone using that strong of language with kids at the middle and high schools. While many supported and encouraged this position, Westerhaus said the decision was his responsibility.

So anybody who has used profanity in a published work is too risky? River Falls School District administrators must have a difficult time finding decent speakers.

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