City of Minneapolis considering elimination of "specific offensive racial and ethnic slurs" list

There's actually a list of words City Hall employees shall not speak, and "gray lady" is on it.
Did you know an official city of Minneapolis policy contains a list of "specific offensive and ethnic slurs" that city employees are prohibited from using?

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It does. But the knee-slapper of a list may soon be going the way of "prehistoric relics." (That's actually one of the terms on the list!) City officials are considering replacing it with a new "Anti-discrimination, harassment, and retaliation" policy that refrains from discussing "offensive and ethnic slurs" so specifically.

In hopes of keeping ourselves out of trouble, we won't go into the list in detail (though if you want to read it in full, click here and scroll to the third page). But here are some highlights:
Apparently somebody at City Hall was offended after being called one of these.
-- "Jewish American princess" (that's a diss?)

-- "Honkey"

-- "Grandpa"/"grandma" (not necessarily an insult)

-- "Old fart"

-- "Old man"/"old lady" (again, not very insulting)

-- "Prehistoric relic" (so specific!)

-- And finally, and perhaps most absurdly, "mokey" (as the Strib's Eric Roper notes, "'mokey' is either 'monkey' misspelled or a reference to a character from Fraggle Rock." (pictured at left)
Yeah, we can probably get by without that list, but it'd be kinda fun if the city made an attempt to update it, don't you think?

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