Conservative blog scrubs post fretting about Minority Leader Kurt Daudt's bachelorhood [UPDATE]

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Rudy Takala's blog
Takala (left) and Daudt at this year's RNC.
In the wake of the still-unresolved Brodkorb-Koch scandal (just how will the new Senate DFL majority deal with Brodkorb's lawsuit anyway?), at least one MNGOPer is a little antsy about putting Republicans who aren't in rock-solid marriages in leadership positions.

In a post that was published yesterday on the True North blog, Republican activist and commenter Rudy Takala writes that Rep. Kurt Daudt, R-Crown, is a risky choice for House Minority Leader because he's a bachelor.

-- DFL mailer makes Brodkorb-gate a campaign issue: "Republican Senators play, taxpayers pay"
-- Zellers calls for Gauthier's resignation while House GOP employs accused child porn possessor

"That is not in itself a bad thing, but it does make one wonder whether he was the safest choice at this time," Takala wrote.

Here's the full context:
[T]hough [Daudt] has been groomed for some time, it seems as though this year's circumstances have made his present rise more precipitous than judicious. It is ironic that Daudt was selected for the minority leader position in a season directly following one in which Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch and RPM Deputy Chairman Michael Brodkorb were forced to leave for their extramarital affair. Daudt, 39, has never been married. That is not in itself a bad thing, but it does make one wonder whether he was the safest choice at this time.
The post was later scrubbed from True North, but can still be read on Takala's personal blog.

Questioning Daudt's bachelorhood seems strange, especially since there are other pieces of his resume more deserving of scrutiny. For instance, as Sally Jo Sorenson reports on Bluestem Prairie, Daudt driver's license has been suspended four times since 2006 -- nonetheless, he serves on the House's Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee. (Daudt, as Marty Seifert's gubernatorial campaign manager in 2010, also made a big stink about Tom Emmer's drunk driving convictions.) And as Sorensen noted last winter, Daudt authored the food stamp reform bill that would've limited Minnesota's aid to poor families to three years over a lifetime, rather than the five years allowed under federal law. Of course, that bill gained notoriety when Rep. Mary Franson used it as an opportunity make her infamous comparison of food stamp recipients and wild animals.

In any event, the since-scrubbed blog post provides interesting insight into the thought process of Takala, who at 23 years of age is one of the MNGOP's brightest young stars. In a post-Brodkorb world, if you're in the market for romantic companionship and you're a member of the party of family values, you're a risk.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Some Minnesota Republicans -- including, notably, Michael Brodkorb -- took issue with our characterization of Takala, who was elected as chair of the Pine County Republican Party at the tender age of 18 and lost a primary for a Minnesota House seat when he was 21, as "one of the MNGOP's brightest young stars."

The reason? In June 2008, Takala wrote this passage about the Obama-McCain presidential race in one of his blog posts (a post that was dredged up from the internet fossil record by Brodkorb):
To use the anecdote of what is motivating me, I can see one good quality to both John McCain and Barack Obama. McCain's quality is that if he's elected president, he will wear down and die within four years. Obama's quality is that, according to Hillary, he will be shot before his second term. Within this context, I expect to have a more pleasant election day.
Damn. Takala was only 17 at the time he wrote that, but nonetheless -- it'll provide strong ammunition for his political opponents for years to come.

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Have republicans never met him?! He's clearly gay, and for "traditional marriage." What a repressed sellout.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Republicans just face facts.  Whoever you nominate is going to be some glue sniffing freak who will have a slight grip on reality at best.  Every politcian you could nominate is just as likely as the other to humilate your party and state.     You've already had a stalking scandal and a adultry scandal, the next one in the pattern is closeted homosexual scandal.   Hopefully this one can involve bath salts or something.   Personally I feel this scandal could be a good chance for the media to teach Minnesotan's the meaning of "power bottom."    If you don't want to be the party of clownish scandal you shouldn't nominate such clowns.   Minnesota would really appreciate if Daudt was photographed "power bottoming" for Marcus Bachmann.   That would be hilarious.


Well True North, at least you know Daudt won't be cheating on his wife. Hopefully all legislators have learned that when they find themselves attracted to staff, they should remind themselves this is a workplace.

swmnguy topcommenter

So now they're gay-baiting each other?  Oh, for the love of...whatever...won't they get over this?  What are these "Conservatives," a bunch of 7th grade boys whose parents haven't had "The Talk" with them?


Daudt tweets pictures of his totally ripped labs.  Yeah: sharing adorable bird dog photos is so going to get the Republican Party of Minnesota in trouble.


Said no voter ever.

Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy

He looks like a cro-mag. I wouldn't be too worried about it.


Derp Derp Derp, what's that dribbling from your mouth MB? Foam and virtiol? No, I think it's a cheesesteak wrapped in panty hose. 

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @marevitals Your comments are stupid and not funny.  You have some sort of brain damage.  Can you please explain your joke about cheesesteak wrapped in panty hose?   It's a stupid not funny joke so I'd love to hear how your mind, which is obviously ravaged by syphillis,  came up with it. 

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