Devon Gordon allegedly stole student's phone at McD's, but student took it back by force

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After Gordon allegedly tried to steal a student's phone, he was on the receiving end of some vigilante justice.
A student was cracking his books at an Apple Valley McDonald's on November 7 when he was approached by Devon Gordon. According to a police report, Gordon asked the student if he could borrow his phone to make a call.

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The student reluctantly said yes under the condition that Gordon stay near his table while using it. But after handing the phone over, Gordon headed for the exit and turned to say: "Thanks for the phone!"

The student, however, wasn't about to take that lying down. From Apple Valley Patch:
The victim chased Gordon, caught up to him on the median on County Road 42 and tried to convince him to return the phone, but Gordon refused. At one point, the complaint says, Gordon told the victim that he was a "wrestler and a boxer" and that the victim shouldn't "mess with him."

When Gordon tried to put the phone in his pocket, the victim swatted his hand away, and Gordon punched the victim, according to the complaint. Gordon tried to hit the victim four or five times, but the victim blocked his blows, grabbed him around his shoulders and forced him down into mulch on the ground.

The victim wrested his phone away from Gordon and ran back into McDonald's to call 911. Gordon fled the area, but police located him a short distance away, wearing a different shirt than the one that the victim described.
Gordon, for his part, told police it was just a misunderstanding -- he said he was simply outside using the phone when the student somehow got the idea he was trying to steal it, came outside, and assaulted him.

Gordon now faces a felony theft charge that could land him in prison for five years.

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