DFL uses unflattering photo of Rep. Mary Franson in new ad [IMAGE]

mary franson dfl.jpg
Wrote Franson: "You get the 'full' effect in this picture... Even my glasses look too small for my face."
In the homestretch of a heated campaign, things can get ugly -- literally so, in Mary Franson's case.

-- Mary Franson on Facebook accusation she drove drunk: "It's disgusting"
-- MNGOP accuses DFL of "using racist tactics" by darkening photo of Rep. King Banaian [IMAGE]

Late last week, Franson took to Facebook to complain about a "horrible picture" the DFL used in a new ad paid for by the House DFL caucus (visible above). Wrote one Franson supporter: "They made you fat that is so freaking wrong."

Rep. Franson, R-Alexandria, is understandably upset, but at least she has a sense of humor about the whole thing:

franson grandma.jpg

Less humorous is the accusation Franson and her supporters have been trumpeting -- that Bob Cunniff, Franson's Democratic opponent, violated Minnesota campaign law by not including a disclaimer saying "Prepared and paid for by the Bob Cunniff campaign" at the end of an ad that was airing on Alexandria-area radio. An Administrative Law Judge recently found "There is probable cause to believe that Respondents Robert Cunniff and the Cunniff for State House Committee violated Minn. [Statute]," prompting Franson to provocatively ask her Facebook followers: "Did my opponent break the law?"

No public polling has been conducted pertaining to the House District 8B race, so Rep. Franson's reelection prospects are unclear. But in August, campaign finance documents showed Cunniff outraising Franson, and that same month, the cash-strapped MNGOP took the unusual step of spending $3,000 to conduct internal (and unreleased) polling in Franson's district.

Will Rep. Franson be around to entertain us for two more years? As is the case with Michele Bachmann, either way that question is answered tomorrow, we'll have mixed emotions.

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By my count, this manipulated photo was used in at least two mailers, one TV spot and a full-page Echo Press ad.  Can you imagine if the MN GOP had done something like this to a female DFL candidate?  The DFL would've hit the ceiling (and probably broken through).  It's just the final straw in a long line of obscene attacks on Rep. Franson.  The DFL knows no shame and I hope they pay dearly at the polls for it.


@ManitobaViking Cute justification. Will remember than when a liberal woman runs for office or re-election. @atrupar @MaryFranson


@jruha Pretty sick, isn't it? That manipulated photo is getting around, too. It's on a couple of mailers and in a full-page Echo Press ad.


This race has pretty much dropped from the radar of those assembling "one to watch" for tomorrow. As for fundraising, there are more recent reports from the end  of October. Franson  raised 31,325.96, including in-kind contributions; Cunniff, $30,922.08, including in-kind, and neither has reported any last minute large contribution.


The local paper endorsed Cunniff, but it didn't endorse Franson in 2010 either.


Tuesday will probably be far closer than the district's very Republican voter index would merit, but it's likely that Franson will return to make Kurt Zellers life miserable while entertaining City Pages readers for another two years.

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