Diane Sawyer, seemingly drunk, projects Minnesota for "Barack Orama" [VIDEO]

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Sawyer seemed a little high on life when projecting Minnesota for Obama.
As if watching the election returns wasn't fun enough, ABC's Diane Sawyer added to the spectacle by going on the air drunk, or high, or both, or something.

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She was at her most inebriated-seeming when announcing that ABC projected some guy named "Barack Orama" to win Minnesota.

Here's the video:

From the AP:
"A bit tipsy," ''hammered" or "on pain killers, muscle relaxers, benzos or some combination" were among the jeering explanations. Another likened it to an episode of HBO's drama "The Newsroom," where Will McAvoy, the fictitious anchorman, had eaten a couple of pot brownies before unexpectedly being summoned to his anchor desk to report a news story.

Some tweeters joked that a more fun-loving Sawyer was a ploy by ABC to boost viewership. Several Twitter followers said they were drawn to the network by word that Sawyer was behaving, by one description, "a bit wacky."

"Bad night for Romney," one tweeter summed up. "Worse night for Diane Sawyer?"

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Lisa B Braaten
Lisa B Braaten

Could you even blame her for drinking?! That must have been the longest most boring day ever!

Pinko Thinker
Pinko Thinker

they were all giggling about legalization. maybe somebody delivered a few brownies for the broadcast staff to enjoy too much.

Kevin Green
Kevin Green

She was Tricky Dick Nixons press secretary.

John Taylor
John Taylor

It wasn't just mispronouncing a word. If you watched her coverage all night, it was clear that she was under the influence. It was hilarious.

Juniper Lee
Juniper Lee

Korey Cummins called it. /lol. I didn't actually see it so this was a little funny.

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