Dog-chased deer does $5.5k in damage to UW-Stout, politely exits through automatic door

stout deer.jpeg
switchstyle on Flickr (left); UW-Stout (right)
The deer and the damage done -- photo at right shows the state of a Stout window after a deer crashed through it yesterday.
Even the animals are weird in Wisconsin, apparently.

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About 4 p.m. yesterday, a deer that was being chased by a dog slammed through a window at the University of Wisconsin-Stout's Vocational Rehabilitation building. The deer, dripping blood, then took an impromptu tour of the building before politely showing itself the exit through the building's automatic doors.

From CBS:
The damages are estimated at $5,500, which includes window repair and cleaning a blood trail left by the deer, according to officials...

Authorities said the deer crashed through the window on the east side of the building after being chased by a dog. The deer exited the building through the automatic doors on the south side of the building.

Officials tracked the deer as it ran in a southerly direction through campus, but the blood trail ended and the deer was not found.
Sounds like it was quite the scene, so it's a bummer there doesn't appear to be any video footage. Where are camera phone-toting students when you need them?

-- Headline hat-tip: Pioneer Press --

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