Drunk Vikings Fan tells his side of the ice cream story [INTERVIEW]

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Justin on why he used a credit card as a spoon: "I was intoxicated."
Today, City Pages connected with Justin, star of the 'Vikings Fan Eats Ice Cream With Credit Card' photo that went viral this week, in hopes of learning more about how someone ends up in such a predicament.

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The answer? Booze. Lots and lots of booze.

Justin and his wife have Vikings season tickets and were tailgating for hours before Sunday's game, leaving him three sheets to the wind by kickoff.

"I don't drink that much -- I'm the complete opposite of what that [photo] looks like," he said, adding that the Bloody Marys and beers he drank that morning just "got me really hard."

For understandable reasons, Justin asked that we not publish his last name, though he acknowledged that "there's probably a lot of people out there who already know who I am." He said he's not bothered by the fact the photo has been splashed all over the internet, though his wife isn't thrilled because some internet commenters have been saying nasty things about her on our original post and elsewhere.

"She's been getting all over me," he said.

Justin characterized the notion his wife was ragging on him because she was upset he was drunkenly using a credit card as a spoon as "the biggest thing about this that's been taken out of context."

"She wasn't yelling at me for being drunk," he said. "I kept grabbing her, ah, inappropriately when she got up and that's what set her off I guess."

Asked whether that was his first time he'd fed himself with a credit card, Justin said it was.

"I don't think I've ever done that before. It's something that probably came up [in my head] in my drunken state," he said. "I was intoxicated and not really in the mood to walk all the way to get a spoon."

Justin said the timeline conveyed by photographer Brian Riesgraf in his series of tweets is accurate. After Justin's wife yelled at him, she stormed off. He finished his ice cream, realized he was wasted, and then decided to head back to his truck and sleep it off. After a few hours crashed out in his vehicle, his wife, who remained at the game after Justin left, arrived back at the truck, and the couple headed home to watch some of the late afternoon NFL games.

Later that evening, he heard from friends that Riesgraf's photo was going viral on Twitter, and he decided to head out to Runyon's with some friends and stage the "I think this d-bag is still at it" photo that made people wonder how it was possible he wasn't kicked out of every bar he tried to enter between downtown Minneapolis and Green Bay.

Oh, and about that Dwayne Rudd jersey he wore to the game? Turns out there's an interesting story behind that.

"It's actually kind of a funny story. I've had it since 2000. We used to play pick up basketball with [Rudd], me and one of my buddies, and I can't remember exactly how it went down, but it had something to do with if he was ever able to dunk on us during a game, we'd buy his jersey," Justin said. "And I've been wearing it off and on ever since."

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this justin guy sounds like even more of a dick to make shit up. he just confirmed to everyone how much of a douche he is!


I smell a cover up.  Did she tell him that's why she was yelling at him?  In the picture she is screaming and has ice cream in one hand and the credit card in the other.  Tell me how he could have been grabbing her with no free hands?  Maybe it wasn't him doing the grabbing?  The credit card becomes the alibi.  There may have been other arguments, but that's not what set her off here.  Verbal abuse and public humiliation is clearly on the table int he relationship . Clearly she was making enough scenes (or one long one?) that this person thought he would have his camera ready for the next one. (dude, come with the video next time)  The unconventional use of a credit card is not what the only part of the picture that is sparking the interest here - it is that everyone knows a couple and has seen that look on his face and that venom coming from her or been one of the two them.  It is irrelevant what the argument was about.  He could have left his shoes in the hallway.  That's why everyone is weighing in.  It all feels personal.  Either you want to jump in and chew his ass too or tell her to back off.  Maybe he should stay sober just so he doesn't have to go with her side of the story by default.  They start tailgating early in MN.  They booze it up.  So what?  You tell me she hadn't had a few.  The look on his face tells me that when he says "She's been getting all over me" he means it.  We can aaallll tell.  I'd be running to runyons right now bro.  I also second the horse shit call on both tips - he don't know rudd either.


"he heard from friends that Riesgraf's photo was going viral on Twitter, and he decided to head out to Runyon's with some friends and stage the 'I think this d-bag is still at it' photo"


"We used to play pick up basketball with [Rudd], me and one of my buddies"


sounds like complete horse shit.


Seems like a decent enough dude. Shit happens... 

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