Edina Realty won't sell house where Aaron Schaffhausen allegedly killed his three girls

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Schaffhausen's River Falls home remains on the market.
Last week, Edina Realty was running this listing for a $229,900, 2,320-square-foot house at 2790 Morningside Ave. in River Falls:

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"Kitchen bar open to family room to enjoy the cozy fireplace. Sliding glass door open to the deck facing south. Great location on the edge of the city and overlooks the country side." Not mentioned was the fact that it's the same house where Aaron Schaffhausen allegedly murdered his three pre-teen girls a little more than four months ago.

The listing prompted the girls' mother and Schaffhausen's ex-wife, Jessica Schaffhausen, to email Edina Realty and then copy her message to Facebook. It says:
What you may not have thought through in accepting this job is that if you do succeed in selling it that you will allow their murderer to not only benefit financially but will also disqualify him for the public defender he is using which would mean that the entire criminal trial process would be set back drastically.

I understand that a sale is a sale for you but I needed to let you know exactly what you are contributing to and if you can still sleep at night with that knowledge then by all means move forward as your conscience dictates.

A grieving mother hoping for some kind of justice,
Jessica Schaffhausen.
As the Star Tribune reports, Jessica's message prompted Edina to pull the listing:
A public relations consultant working with Edina Realty, Maria Verven, said Monday that, after receiving Schaffhausen's request, the agency canceled the listing Friday and will no longer handle it.

The girls' grandmother had approached the agency about putting the house up for sale, Verven said.
Vernon shed some light on Edina's rationale during a conversation with the Pioneer Press: "After some further investigation we found out that Mr. Schaffhausen could potentially profit from the sale, and after receiving a request from Jessica Schaffhausen, we've chosen to cancel the listing," she said.

As Patrick and NBS point out on Twitter, Schaffhausen -- only accused of a crime at this point -- may have the right to try and sell his property and even profit from it, though you'd hope the realty company he works with would be more forthcoming about the heinous crime that occurred there than the most recent listing was. By the same token, however, Edina also has the right not to handle the transaction.

Schaffhausen faces three counts of first-degree intentional homicide. His next court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow.

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Jessica and Edina Realty aren't doing anybody any good here, and this is a confusing and quite silly thing that just happened.      first,  people that commit crimes don't lose their possessions in this country, unless they obtained them illegally.  this guy (even though he killed people) owns a house, will never be able to live there, and needs to sell.     while Edina Realty may be legally allowed to drop a client for whatever reason,  what this really did is shift the burden of this guy's legal defense onto the taxpayer.   say this guys sells his house.   he gets some money.   he may have gotten enough money to disqualify him for receiving free legal counsel.   what happen's next?   well, he's not just let go.     he can represent himself, or he can hire a lawyer.    in either case, he'll face a judge and a jury and he'll probably fry.       


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