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1:20, Rupar

U.S. Rep. Chip Craavack's campaign workers' alleged propensity to manhandle his 8th District opponents wasn't enough to preserve his congressional seat.

From the Duluth News Tribune's Brandon Stahl:

That means Democrat Rick Nolan will be the new 8th District congressman.

1:15, Rupar

Mark Dayton will have a much friendly legislature to deal with this session: with MNGOP Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers calling up DFL Minority Leader Paul Thissen to congratulate Democrats on taking back the House, the DFL will have majorities in both the House and the Senate.

12:40, LaVecchia

As Romney's concession speech faded from the screen, victorious Rep. John Kline took the stage at the Hilton to re-inject some hope into the room. "I'm pleased with a solid victory in what's frankly been a very tough night," he told the thinning crowd, "and a tough night for America."

"We go back to Washington on Tuesday, to what will be some raw wounds there," he continued. "But earlier tonight, Speaker Boehner said he is willing to work with others if they are willing to work with us."

The crowd used this comment as an excuse to let out some suppressed cheers. But before they could focus too much on the bright spot of the House, Kline reminded them, "Some of my colleagues are still in very tough races here in Minnesota."


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