Fox News turns to Minnesota Majority, pro-voter ID group, for "objective" analysis [VIDEO]

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They're either trying to deceive you or hopelessly stupid.
Yesterday morning, Fox News decided to check in with a local political expert for some analysis of the hot races here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

You might think they'd turn to a political science professor, or perhaps one of our esteemed political scribes. But no. They turned to Minnesota Majority's Jeff Davis, a representative of the pro-voter ID group that infamously used race-baiting imagery on its website last winter and then failed to provide any evidence of voter fraud in Minnesota when challenged by the ACLU in the spring.

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But the worst part is, Minnesota Majority's ideological affiliation was never mentioned by Fox's Gretchen Carlson at any point during the segment, leaving viewers with the false impression they just received some non-partisan political analysis.

And what analysis! Davis opened the segment by noting that Romney is now "within the margin of error" here in Minnesota (a Star Tribune poll published last Saturday found Romney trailing by only three points), but failed to mention a more recent KSTP poll that has Obama up by seven. Later in the segment, he blasted "the liberal media" for publishing "these liberal polls [in order] to discourage conservatives from coming out and voting." But the Star Tribune is regarded as a left-leaning rag while KSTP is known for swaying the other direction, so if you can somehow square that with Davis' observation, let us know.

Carlson also revealed her intimate knowledge of Minnesota politics by calling Jim Graves "Tom Graves" (Davis didn't correct her). She got it right only after a graphic with his name popped up.

If you can stand to watch it, here's the footage:

After enduring that, it's no wonder people who watch no news at all are more informed than those who regularly watch Fox News, is it?

-- Hat-tip: Media Matters --

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CinBlueland topcommenter

About as newsworthy as when Face the Nation or MSNBC has Markos Moulitsas Zúniga as an expert/panelist.

mingtran topcommenter

Besides being on the opposite end of the political spectrum, how are you any different than Fox News?

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

I've always wondered if Fox News made you stupid or if just really stupid people watched Fox News when studies show how dumb Fox News viewers are.  What I've come to realize based on my interactions with Republicans this election season is Fox News only attracts the really stupid and then proceeds to make them even dumber.


 @mingtran ...They're not a national news organization with multiple national television channels that work solely to spew propaganda.  They post local blog articles that you apparently don't agree with and continually comment on, as well as a host of other local news, events, sports, food, entertainment...

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