Gary Medrow, alleged reporter impersonator, has fetish for women lifting women

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"Medrow calls women or girls on the telephone and tries to persuade them to carry other people around in their arms or on their shoulders, sometimes with success."
Wisconsin police have arrested Gary Medrow, 68, for allegedly being the creep who was impersonating a reporter and calling up female high school athletes in hopes of arranging interviews and/or photo shoots.

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And as it turns out, that's just the tip of the gargantuan iceberg that is Medrow's creepiness.

First, from the Wisconsin State Journal, here's information about what Medrow was allegedly up to prior to his arrest:
[A police officer] said Medrow identified himself to athletes as "Mike Clark" and said he worked for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Medrow is believed to have called athletes in Mequon, Cedarburg, Hartland, Franklin and Verona but never made physical contact. Biliskov said Medrow had scheduled to meet athletes on Monday at Cedarburg High School but, with athletes away from the area and police standing by, never showed...

In the case of the Verona athletes, the caller is alleged to have asked members of the golf team if they could pose for pictures in a pyramid or holding teammates on their shoulders.
If that last bit sounds weird, it should. Because similar to Sherwin "Piggyback Bandit" Shayegan, Medrow has a can't-make-it-up fetish that involves lifting people.

In 1998, the Journal Sentinel actually profiled Medrow and his bizarreness. From that story:
Medrow has spent the better part of 40 years in and out of jails, prisons and mental institutions because he can't control the urge to pretend he's someone he's not while fulfilling his favorite fetish. Medrow calls women or girls on the telephone and tries to persuade them to carry other people around in their arms or on their shoulders, sometimes with success.

Medrow has talked cheerleaders into lifting one another, motel workers into carrying one another and business executives into toting their secretaries around the office.

No one has ever figured out for certain why he gets a thrill, but during a sentencing in 1981, Medrow's mother said she believed her son's problems resulted from his time in the military, when he suffered mental health problems.
Well, at least that sounds relatively harmless.

For impersonating a reporter, Medrow could face misdemeanor charges for improper use of a telephone (that's a crime?!) and impersonating a police officer. Fifteen years ago, he was convicted of the exact same combo platter. From the State Journal:
In 1997, Medrow was convicted in Dane County Circuit Court of unlawful use of a telephone and impersonating a police officer. In that case he made a collect call from the Milwaukee House of Corrections, said he was investigating a car crash and asked a Marshall woman if she could carry other women.
What can you say? It just doesn't get any Weirder Wisconsin than that!

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