Jeremy Marg, former Hotel 340 employee, gets jail time for recording newlyweds having sex

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Image by Tatiana Craine -- figurine photo from Rennett Stowe's Flickr
Marg recorded 340 Hotel guests consummating their marriage.
Last December 28, Jeremy Marg, then an employee at downtown St. Paul's 340 Hotel, was busted audio recording a newlywed couple making love. He was sentenced yesterday to 90 days in jail.

-- Obsessed Wisconsin man breaks into love interest's apartment, demands bras and panties
-- Wisconsin man arrested for humping discarded curbside couch

Marg, 29, also lost his job as a clerk at the hotel. Seems like an awful high price to pay for some audio of grunts and moans, doesn't it?

From a Pioneer Press report published last winter:
A man called police Dec. 28 to report that he and his wife found a Sony digital recorder under the door of Room 1006, where they were staying for their honeymoon. It wasn't clear if the recorder was both video and audio [turns out it was only audio]...

When he and his wife were in bed, they saw something under the door. Police noted upon their arrival that "the gap under the door between the room and hallway was larger than an inch."

The recorder was lying on the hallway carpet, the man told police.
According to a PiPress report published yesterday, in the words of the prosecutor, the newlywed couple experienced "extreme stress and strain" as a result of Marg's shenanigans. Marg didn't explain his motives, though one can imagine what they were.

Marg, who was convicted in 2002 of showing sexual materials to underaged girls in Wisconsin, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor account of intentional interference with privacy. He'll begin serving his sentence on January 14.

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Good hell the internet is free! Truly a loser!

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

He should have recorded me.  My sex sounds are incredible.   "Fuck me Mr. Vice President!"(Joe Biden roleplay with my biker babe)    "Roll Tide Roll!!!! It's rolling baby!!!!!"      "Oh yeah taste my corn dog, its state fair time!!!!"  are some of my best lines.  Feel free to work them into your lovemaking.

mingtran topcommenter

@MicheleBachmann : your post screams unfunny, disturbed, 35 year old virgin.

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