Kevin Love's desperation heave seals much-needed Wolves win [VIDEO]

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Sometimes, it's better to be lucky than good -- but it's best to be both lucky and really frickin' good.
Coming into last night's game in Sacramento, the Timberwolves had lost five games in a row, in the process sinking toward the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

They encountered a plucky Kings team that just wouldn't go away. Though the Wolves led for most of the game, they were only ahead by four with just over 30 seconds left and needed one last basket to seal a much-needed losing streak-snapping victory.

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But as the shot clock wound down and the ball got knocked out of Kevin Love's hands, it looked like the Wolves would come up empty during a key offensive possession. Then, the basketball gods intervened.

With the shot clock about to expire, Love grabbed the ball and blindly heaved it toward the hoop from about 20 feet away. His shot clanged off the rim and backboard before somehow falling through the net. The win improbably sealed, K-Love jogged to the other side of the floor with a shit-eating, boy-I-got-lucky-there-didn't-I smirk on his face.

Here's the footage:

K-Love was both lucky and really, really good last night in Sacramento -- with 23 points and 24 rebounds, he notched his first 20/20 game of the season. In fact, his 24 rebounds represented the NBA's season-best total.

After the game, coach Rick Adelman acknowledged the game-sealing hoop resulted more from luck than skill.

"That's just how I drew it up," he joked.

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