Kurt Bills, public school teacher, says: "I do not believe there is such a thing as climate change" [VIDEO]

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Bills isn't worried in the least about carbon emissions from his Wellstone-style bus.
Kurt Bills' no-good-very-bad U.S. Senate campaign will limp across the finish line today, but he couldn't help himself from offering up one last head-scratcher before fading out of our lives.

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During his final debate against Senator Amy Klobuchar on Sunday night, Bills beat around the bush when first discussing climate change, prompting moderator Cathy Wurzer to ask him directly: 'Do you believe in climate change?' Here's how Bills, a high school economics teacher who kept his job during his ill-fated campaign and will continue to teach Minnesota's youth after the election, responded: "I do not believe there is such a thing as climate change, no."

Here's a transcript of the exchange, followed by the video (fast-forward to just after 50:00 for Bills' climate change remarks):
BILLS: I do not believe there is such a thing as climate change, no. [Laugher from crowd, guffawing]

BILLS: Let's put it this way -- if this piece of paper is the entire history of the world, what do we know? We know one fraction of it. I remember the science magazines from the 70s saying the Ice Age is coming back. I think we should be focused on the things that we can change...

WURZER: I'm a little confused. The view that the world's climate is being warmed by human behavior is accepted by every major scientific organization, but you're not buying it?

BILLS: I don't believe it's accepted by every-- I believe there are scientists out there who don't believe we are driving massive changes in our climate.

KLOBUCHAR: I believe in the science of climate change. Minnesota is a state that believes in science. So once you're there, what's your next step? I believe we have to do something about reducing greenhouse gases.
From MPR:

Now that his campaign is over and he has a lot more time on his hands to focus on teaching, Bills should really try to make some friends in the science department -- assuming his climate change denial wasn't just a cynical ploy for the votes of science skeptics.

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