Mark Dayton looks safe in 2014, according to Public Policy Polling

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It looks like the MNGOP will have a hard time limiting Dayton to one term.
Yesterday, Public Policy Polling -- the folks who surprisingly but accurately pegged the voter ID amendment as going down just days before last Tuesday's election -- took an early look at the 2014 gubernatorial landscape.

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-- Mark Dayton very popular, MNGOP-controlled legislature about as popular as kick in the pants

Of course, one of the governors up for reelection in two years is our very own Mark Dayton. But PPP projects that Dayton shouldn't lose much sleep worrying about whether an MNGOPer will take his job.

During the Minnesota polling PPP conducted earlier this month, they matched Dayton up against a generic MNGOP opponent. Dayton looks "pretty safe for now," PPP writes, with a 51/38 advantage.

Dayton's popularity aside, the MNGOP's path to the governorship looks all the more uphill because it just doesn't seem like the party has strong candidates to trot out in 2014.

To take just one example, consider conservative blogger John Gilmore's reaction to the news a 'Kurt Zellers for Governor' Twitter account exists:

All of the big-name possibilities -- Norm Coleman, Tim Pawlenty, and Matt Dean, to name a few -- either seem like they have no interest in running or little chance of defeating Dayton. And remember, the MNGOP will also have to find a candidate to run against Al Franken for U.S. Senate. We'll go out on a limb and predict the party won't opt for Kurt Bills round deux.

In other words, unless someone emerges from obscurity, the MNGOP may have a hard time finding a candidate that fares better than PPP's "generic opponent."

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You will probably never see a Republican governor in office in St. Paul ever again, with the large Democrat base that has and will continue to move into this state.  In addition, due to the anti-business climate in the state of Minnesota, expect to see more and more businesses move their operations elsewhere, even further reducing the number of conservatives in MN.  

green23 topcommenter

The only MN Republican who looked good in this election was Paulsen. The MNGOP could run him against Franken, and find some third-string bozo that can pretend to be sane to run in Paulsen's seat. A Senate seat is more valuable than a House seat, after all.


But Dayton is a lot less vulnerable than Franken, and Zellers is just another Bills -- unknown to the vast majority of Minnesotans, but crazy once you take a closer look.


Fields seems to be okay with being a human sacrifice. The MNGOP could run him against Dayton and pretend that rural Republicans will vote for an urban AA. Fields would get blown out of the water, but that's what sacrificial lambs are for.

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

You may have a point.  People are dumb and I witnessed first hand how people have trouble remembering how he shut down the government just months earlier.

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