Marriage equality found least support in southwest MN, most support in Mpls [MAPS]

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No surprise: In Minnesota, this flag flies highest in Minneapolis. put together a neat breakdown of the legislative districts where the failed amendment that would've enshrined a one man-one woman definition of marriage into the state constitution found the most and least support.

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It's not surprising to learn that two Southwest Minneapolis districts were where the Vote No cause was strongest. But would you have guessed that an exurban district just southwest of the Twin Cities metro cracked the top five for districts where voters were least supportive of gay marriage?

Here's the breakdown, starting with the top five Vote Yes districts.

1. 22A, far southwest corner of the state
Vote Yes = 73.1 percent
anti GM 1.jpeg

2. 22B, just east of 22A, southwest corner of the state
Vote Yes = 72.1 percent

3. 9A, between Alexandria and Brainerd
Vote Yes = 69 percent
anti GM 3.jpeg

4. 9B, just east of 9A, between Brainerd and St. Cloud
Vote Yes = 68.5 percent
anti gm 4.jpeg

5. 18B, just southwest of the Twin Cities metro area
Vote Yes = 58.1 percent
anti GM 5.jpeg

Click to page two for the top five Vote No districts.

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MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Further proof that Southwest Minnesota is an awful place to live.  The closer you get to South Dakota the dumber and meaner you get.   Sioux Falls is the worst place I've ever had the misfortune of having to go.  Ugly town filled with assholes who have slot machines in the gas stations.  What a bunch of stupid cultureless freaks.


The correlation between level of education and voter preference is astounding, isn't it?


Representative Glenn Gruenhagen--the guy who wants to burn Kinsey's books--rules in HD 18B.

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