Meg Tuthill already has a City Council challenger, and his name is Kendal Killian

tuthill killian.jpeg
Killian (left) is challenging Tuthill for her City Council seat.
The 2012 campaigns are in the rear-view mirror, so now what's left for election junkies? Well, if you live in or care about Minneapolis, you can turn your attention to next year's City Council and mayoral races.

-- Gary Schiff accused of making classist liquor store-brewpub distinction
City Council tables anti-Occupy public plaza restrictions

One challenger to an incumbent has already emerged. Yesterday, Kendal Killian, a public affairs coordinator for the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees labor union, announced he's running against Ward 10 incumbent Meg Tuthill.

Tuthill, of course, has had a rocky first term as a councilor. In 2011, she created controversy by spearheading an effort to tighten regulations on Uptown's popular dining and drinking patios. Then, this summer, she made headlines for leaving a snotty and condescending voicemail for a man who had the audacity to want to open a brewpub in Uptown.

Indeed, on the Facebook post announcing his candidacy, one of Killian's friends cuts to the chase and asks him, "Where will outdoor patios rank on your platform?"

Here, via his campaign site, is a bit more about Killian:
Kendal Killian is running for City Council in Ward 10 Minneapolis. He has spent ten years working for various progressive campaigns and causes. He currently serves as the Public Affairs Coordinator for MAPE - a Minnesota labor union.

In addition, Kendal helped found Young Progressive Majority Minnesota, which aids the election of progressive candidates. In 2012 all four YPM candidates won, helping lead the DFL back to the majority in St Paul. He is the former President of the Minnesota Young DFL and has served two terms on the statewide DFL Executive Committee. In addition, Kendal is on the Board of Directors of Outfront Minnesota and the Advisory Board for Health Care for All Minnesota.

Kendal and his wife Kelly Beadle live on Bryant Ave in the East Harriet neighborhood.
It isn't exactly Bachmann/Graves, but races of this sort will have to tide us over under the 2014 midterms.

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Kendal is a State treasure, I wish I lived in the Ward so I could vote for him.  I'll just have to settle for donating money.

Papa John Kolstad
Papa John Kolstad

This is what every citizen of Minneapolis needs to do that has one of the terrible 7 who defied our City Constitution [City Charter] and voted to put all of us nearly a billion in debt in the city and more than another billion for the state to fund a Billionaire's private business, The Vikings.

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