Michele Bachmann spent $65 per vote; Graves spent less than $9

bachmann graves.jpg
Bachmann spent more than seven times more than Graves... and still barely eked out a win.
Assuming you live in the 6th District, would you vote for Michele Bachmann in exchange for $65?

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Regardless of how you answer that question, the fact of the matter is Bachmann's more than $11 million campaign, combined with the fact she won 179,241 votes, means she $65.19 on each and every one of 'em -- and she still only won by 4,207 (the percentage split was 50.59 to 49.41).

MPR reports that the $65 figure was more than any other congressional candidate, "once again underscoring how tight this race was for her compared to her prior elections in the 6th."

Bachmann spent seven times more than Graves, who only shelled out $8.70 per vote, MPR adds.

The second most-expensive campaign was 3rd District Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen's -- he spent $10.55 per vote.

According to MPR's analysis, Amy Klobuchar spent $2.66 per vote. Her Republican opponent, Kurt Bills, spent 92 cents for each of his 868,000 filled-in black ovals.

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