Michele Bachmann spent $65 per vote; Graves spent less than $9

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Bachmann spent more than seven times more than Graves... and still barely eked out a win.
Assuming you live in the 6th District, would you vote for Michele Bachmann in exchange for $65?

-- Michele Bachmann's reelection: She's as resilient as a cockroach during a carpet bombing

-- Jim Graves is a "robot," new Michele Bachmann ad alleges [VIDEO]

Regardless of how you answer that question, the fact of the matter is Bachmann's more than $11 million campaign, combined with the fact she won 179,241 votes, means she $65.19 on each and every one of 'em -- and she still only won by 4,207 (the percentage split was 50.59 to 49.41).

MPR reports that the $65 figure was more than any other congressional candidate, "once again underscoring how tight this race was for her compared to her prior elections in the 6th."

Bachmann spent seven times more than Graves, who only shelled out $8.70 per vote, MPR adds.

The second most-expensive campaign was 3rd District Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen's -- he spent $10.55 per vote.

According to MPR's analysis, Amy Klobuchar spent $2.66 per vote. Her Republican opponent, Kurt Bills, spent 92 cents for each of his 868,000 filled-in black ovals.

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That does not mention the notion we might call "marginal" vote cost. The amount it cost to _change_ a vote! Most of those voters had already decided, and the money did not change their votes. The few that changed, either by "turnout" or showing up (because of prompting by the money spent), or who would have voted for someone and changed their vote should be estimated. This is only a small percentage, the "swing" voters and the party base who need to be motivated to show up. So what, say 10% or 30%? This makes the cost in range of $200 to $650 per vote! I worked on a hotly contested congressional seat campaign many years ago and the "marginal" vote cost was a few dollars according to the campaign financial officer. Talk about inflation!

TheConservativeJerk topcommenter

Um, I hate to state what I feel is obvious, but most money spent on campaigns DO NOT come directly from the candidate and their own fundraising efforts.  It comes from unions, pacs and the parties. It's called an "independent expenditure" and it is illegal for the candidate to know details of the expense or influence the messaging of said mailer or commercial.

Oh, I forget; most people do not know about this, and are simply blind sheep that follow shepherds like Aaron Rupar into the ignorance of partisan politics.    Baaaa


Michele's dear friend recently told me, while crying, that even though Michele is happy about winning by a VERY NARROW MARGIN she will never get over not being asked out to the prom and working that night BECAUSE NO ONE WANTED TO DATE HER.


This would explain why Michele has to buy everything.  

Branden Strot
Branden Strot

"big spending jim graves" huh?.. try "big spending michele bachmann"

Alisha 'Haider' Hillstrom
Alisha 'Haider' Hillstrom

I believe it. I pretty much only watch Hulu and saw her commercials constantly. I don't think I saw one Jim Graves commercial, even the few times I watched regular TV.

Steven Gareri
Steven Gareri

It's kinda embarrassing that Bachmann won the 6th. She scares me. Seriously.

Tracy Marcotte Shaffer
Tracy Marcotte Shaffer

It's ridiculous how much money was spent for a campaign. That money could have been used for something so much better than an election campaign spent on commercials for people to view that can't even vote in her district.

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