Minnesota Majority wants you to follow buses leaving polling places on election day

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Michael-Carlos Mitchell (@stmichael36)
This Minneapolis bus stop ad is brought to you by Minnesota Majority's Election Integrity Watch.
In the fall of 2010, Minnesota Majority, the state's leading pro-voter ID group, created the Election Integrity Watch. As a press release published at the time noted, Election Watch "is a program designed to engage voters across the state to be vigilant, watching for and reporting on election fraud."

-- Mike Freeman on GOPers making Franken-Coleman voter fraud allegations: "They are just liars"
-- Majority of MN college students favor voter ID amendment that could disenfranchise 70 percent of them
-- New York Times on MN voter ID amendment: Solution to a "virtually non-existent problem"

But how vigilant is too vigilant? In an email recently sent to subscribers entitled, "What to Watch: Here are some of examples of activities things that may indicate an occurrence of voter fraud," Election Watch asks supporters to pay attention to "Buses arriving at the polling place," asking them to "photograph or video the bus and follow if possible."

The Minnesota Progressive Project's Jeff Rosenberg argues that asking voter fraud neurotics to 'photograph and follow' buses goes way too far:
First of all, there's absolutely nothing wrong with people being bused to polling places. Seniors in assisted-living facilities, for example, may do this if they don't have a polling place in their building.

More importantly, they're asking their volunteers to photograph and videotape buses arriving at polling places, and then follow the bus afterwards. Nothing says "election integrity" like intimidation, harassment, and stalking!
Here's more from Election Watch's list of 'things that may indicate voter fraud':
-- Multiple people being vouched for (does the voucher know the person?) A person who was vouched for cannot vouch for other voters.

-- Election Day Registrations completed with ID's bearing visa expiration dates / "status check" - this indicates the person is not a citizen.

-- People with more than one ballot.

-- Voter harassment/intimidation - Harassing, impeding or intimidating voters is illegal. Be on the lookout for people standing in front of polling place entrances. Except for officially authorized people, it is illegal to linger within 100 feet of a polling place.

-- People getting assistance voting - are they voting for themselves, or is the helper telling them how to vote?

-- Assisted Living Facilities - Did the resident request an absentee ballot? It's illegal to give an absentee ballot to someone who did not request one in advance. It is illegal for someone to tell residents how to vote or to vote for them.

-- Spoiled or duplicated ballots improperly handled (fed into machine, not put in the proper envelope, or altered)

Beware of distractions/diversions
: When voter fraud is being attempted, there may be a diversion to draw attention away, or someone may attempt to obscure the view of poll challengers by standing in their way. If there is a disruption in the polling place, look around and see what else is happening.
All this fuss despite the fact Minnesota Majority can't even cite a single instance of voter fraud that would've been prevented by the voter ID amendment Minnesotans will vote on next week!

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The sad part is that if Obama voters blatantly saw voter fraud, they would never report it, because, well, you know.  

Justin Savage
Justin Savage

bring your friends and then stop at multiple polling places and all get off ;)

Doug Farone
Doug Farone

I think we all should rent buses and go vote


 @joeafranco This was the action of one person.  The action of one person does constitute wide scale fraud.  And yes, I hope he gets a long prison term.  

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @keny1 Obama voters have been reporting all the voter fraud the Republicans have been doing in 2012.   The corporate media won't report it.


 @keny1 Because they know it's a figment of your imagination?  You cons need to focus more on the real vote fraud: electronic voting machines, like Diebold.  Now there's vote fraud but as always, cons are stampeding everyone in the wrong direction.  It's amazing how you groupthink your way into a tizzy.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

 @CinBlueland  The Black Panther bullshit is something Fox News made up to trick easily fooled racist idiots like you and keny.   As per The New York Times:   "Under the Bush administration, a criminal investigation into the incident was started, but later dropped."   Eric Holder and the Justice Department continued the investigation and charged two members of the Black Panthers with crimes.    "The charge against Minister King Samir Shabazz, the individual who was seen brandishing a nightstick, was maintained but narrowed. The original charge against Minister King Samir Shabazz sought an injunction prohibiting acts of intimidation anywhere in the United States, but the charge was narrowed to apply only within the City of Philadelphia"  So nice try blaming Holder but your facts aren't correct.  Furthermore "according to testimony by Thomas Perez before the Civil Rights Commission, the decision to dismiss the case(against the other 2 defendents and the Black Panters as a whole)  was made entirely by Loretta King and Steven Rosenbaum, both of whom had worked with the Justice Department for 30 years, and had worked in the administrations of several presidents including George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush."    The Justice Department did this despite recieving zero complaints from voters about voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers.  Only racist idiots like you believe there is anything to the New Black Panthers.  What do they have, 5 members?     Since I answered your bullshit, let's see how capable you are in facts.   Here is a fact.   According to the assistant attonery general under W. Bush  "In 2006, the DOJ "declined to bring any action for alleged voter intimidation" "when three well-known anti-immigrant advocates affiliated with the Minutemen, one of whom was carrying a gun, allegedly intimidated Latino voters at a polling place by approaching several persons, filming them, and advocating and printing voting materials in Spanish."   Please explain why Bush's DOJ wouldn't even investigate that incident.   Also can you please find a Dem political operative like Nathan Sproul.   Nathan Sproul is a GOP operative who has recieved millions from the GOP in 2012 to run voter suppression in 30 states despite a shady past with many allegations, investigations, and convictions of voter fraud and suppression.    He is currently under investigation in Virginia and Florida for throwing voter registration cards from Dems into the trash.  Despite these investigations he still works for the Republicans.   Please just give me one equally shady Dem who Obama has hired.   Please just one who has been found guilty of voter fraud yet still works for Obama like Sproul has.  Just one.  Let's see if you are telling the truth or a lying troll.


 @CinBlueland Cin:  I think when MB was referring to the fact that the corporate media won't report on "all the voter fraud the Republicans have been doing in 2012", she is just saying that the corporate media doesn't believe a word what Mother Jones has to say.

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