Minnesota wolf hunt: Welcome to round two

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The remainder from the first-season target carried over to the second.
The second leg of Minnesota's controversial wolf hunting season is underway, and after opening weekend, 18 kills have been registered -- far fewer than the 50 claimed on the early season opener, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

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All told, hunters claimed 147 of a 200 quota during the early season, which ended Nov. 18. Though kills fell below the target, the DNR told us hunters were more successful than they projected based on similar hunts in other states.

The remainder from the early season carried over to the late, meaning the target will increase to 253 for trappers.

Of those killed so far, 10 have been claimed in the state's Northwest region, seven in the Northeast, and one in the East Central.

The second and final season will end Jan. 31. We'll continue to update on hunters' progress until then.

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I wasn't sure about this at first, but after a weak deer season I am all for it.  I had wolves on all sides of me, fresh scat on my trails, etc...  Just no deer.


When you have wolves getting bold enough to run past hunters to steal kills, it is definitely time for population control.

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