Nicollet Tobacco was illegally selling synthetic pot; $232,000 cash, 80 pounds of drugs seized

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Mokrane Rahim was allegedly selling K2 at his Nicollet Tobacco store.
In July, President Obama signed legislation banning synthetic pot. The new federal law came on the heels of repeated state-level efforts to crack down on synthetic drugs here in Minnesota.

-- Duluth's Last Place on Earth raided as new synthetic drug crackdown goes into effect
-- Adam Budge, 18, charged with murder following friend's synthetic drug overdose

But that apparently didn't deter Mokrane Rahim, 30, owner of Nicollet Tobacco at 4614 Nicollet Avenue South. Following an undercover investigation, Rahim was arrested last week. More than 80 pounds of synthetic marijuana along with $232,000 in cash were seized.

From WCCO:
Police had been conducting an undercover narcotics investigation of a tobacco store on the 4600 block of Nicollet Avenue South in relation to the sale of the synthetic drug "K2," also known as "420." Authorities issued search warrants on the store and the owner's New Brighton residence after getting several tips about the operation.

One of those tips was an undercover police officer who purchased synthetic marijuana [specifically, K2 or "420"] from a clerk in the store four times, police said.
More from KARE:
Along with 80 pounds of synthetic drugs, team members seized over $190,000 in a suitcase at the suspect's home, and over $8000 from a microwave inside the business [a total of $232,000 in cash was seized]. Authorities also confiscated a Mercedes Benz and jewelry.
"During the undercover visits, an officer entered the store, asked for the 'big pack' and handed the cashier $40," Patch reports. "In return, the officer received a pre-packaged substance from a container marked '420 Cubed.'"

Rahim faces a felony fourth-degree synthetic drug sales charge, for which he could spend 15 years in prison and pay a $100,000 fine. He was released on $5,000 bond.

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Brent Benjamin Bunn
Brent Benjamin Bunn

I'm sad that my tax dollars (and I love paying taxes because I love roads, education, parks, ect.) are going to this police sting. Walk up and down Nicollet and you'll find plenty of people willing to sell you real weed. This is a waste of tax payers cash and police officer's time.

Joe Struss
Joe Struss

Hey Kathie, have you read anywhere that pot is legal in Colorado and Washington now? Or medicinal marijuana in over, like, 20 states? Cause nobody is smoking it, right? Maybe we should spend our tax money on something of a little more necessity and value. I sure can rest easy tonight knowing this thug, selling his synthetic pot is off the streets!

Mary Jo
Mary Jo

I used to buy cigarettes from this guy. He was really nice. It sucks that he is going to jail. Oh, and Kathie, most people do smoke pot theses days, at least on occasion. Maybe they don't tell you for fear of being judged.

Kathie Carlson
Kathie Carlson

No I don't think so. I don't and neither do my friends, just saying, Im more pissed he wasn't paying taxes on it!!


Haha, gotta love his popped collar! "Hey sir, can I use your microwave?" :)

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