Obama effigy hangs from Duluth billboard [PHOTO]

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duluth obama effigy rect.jpg
Duluth voters caught an eyeful of this on their way to the polls today.
First Wisconsin, then Rochester, and now Duluth? Sadly, it appears that's the case.

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For the third time in recent weeks, an Obama hater has chosen an especially hateful way to express their opposition to the president, as a Barack effigy was found hanging from a Duluth billboard earlier today.

Here's the full image:

duluth obama effigy full.jpg
Brandon Stahl (@b_stahl)
As the Duluth News Tribune's Brandon Stahl explains, law enforcement apparently thought the visual of a Obama doll hanging from a noose was funny:

In the Upper Midwest, it seems nooses have become the unofficial symbol of the racist anybody-but-Obama segment of the population.

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