Race between Bachmann and Graves in the 6th remains too close to call

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A winner hasn't been declared yet.
:::: UPDATE :::: Michele Bachmann's likely reelection: She's as resilient as a cockroach during a carpet bombing

For much of election night, Michele Bachmann watched from the second floor of the Bloomington Hilton as precincts in her congressional district, the sixth, reported.

Long after other races had been called, Bachmann's supporters lingered in the Bloomington ballroom, waiting for the high-profile incumbent to finally hear, for the fourth time, that she'd won her district.

But that announcement never came. By 1:30 a.m., word filtered to the last of the crowd that Bachmann had left the Hilton.

As of this writing, the race remains tied, 50-50, between Bachmann and her DFL challenger, Jim Graves. With 89 percent of precincts from the district reporting, Bachmann leads by 1,768 votes (.58 percent).

The precincts still left to report include parts of the DFL-friendly Southeastern St. Cloud area.

If that margin falls less than a tenth of a percentage point, to .5 percent or less, ballots cast in the sixth will be automatically recounted. Think: Franken vs. Coleman's contested election back in 2008, when the recount wars stretched into summer 2009 and all the way up to the state Supreme Court.

Stay tuned for whether or not that fun episode will repeat itself, or if the remaining precincts will resolve to crown a winner by morning.

For more on how we got to this point, and how the Graves camp feels, check out our Election Night live blog.

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Arrogance is not leadership, Michelle. You are not respected in this state for your hubris.

Tammy Marshall
Tammy Marshall

I hope so!! Seriously, how did this woman pull it off??!!

Nick Beheng
Nick Beheng

The people who voted for that old battle axe Bachmann should be ashamed very ashamed

Sara Mobrei
Sara Mobrei

I am really dumbfounded at how far she got! Unfathomable. I thought this time she would go down in flames.

John Saxhaug
John Saxhaug

I will gladly go and vote graves again. And I would relish telling bachman to get lost

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