Todd Hoffner child porn charges dropped; "It is private, family speech," judge rules

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The videos Todd Hoffner shot of his children in various states of undress aren't pornographic, a judge ruled.
A month after a sex offender expert testified that he didn't think the videos that landed Mankato State head football coach Todd Hoffner in trouble were pornographic, charges were dropped before the case went to trial.

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According to the Star Tribune, "In an 26-page ruling, District Judge Krista Jass determined that the videos shot by Todd Hoffner showed nothing lewd, sexual or exploitative."

Back in August, here's how the Mankato Free Press described the content of those videos:
A one-minute video created on June 26 showed [Hoffner's] three children, one boy and two girls, with their backs to the camera and covered by towels, the complaint said. They drop the towels and turn toward the camera, exposing themselves. The boy allegedly fondles himself and the girls allegedly bend over and expose their anuses to the camera.

A much shorter video showed the girls dancing naked before the boy enters wearing only a football helmet, according to the complaint. The third video, about two minutes long, allegedly shows one of girls being woken at night by a male and told to go to the bathroom. After the girl gets up, the camera focuses in on the back side of her underwear, the complaint said.
But here's what Judge Jass had to say about the videos in today's ruling:So with the charges dismissed, will Hoffner get his job back? Here's what the Strib report has to say about that:
A university official said this week that the school has not yet completed its internal investigation of the matter, adding that Hoffner will remain on paid leave until that is finished.

The Mavericks, guided by an assistant coach in Hoffner's absence, are 12-0 and nationally ranked heading into Saturday's NCAA Division II quarterfinal playoff game against Missouri Western in Mankato.
And beyond the question of whether or not Hoffner returns to work as MSU's football coach, one has to wonder how it's possible to begin to repair the damage done to his reputation over the past five months.

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