Twin Cities have country's smartest, most attractive people, says Travel and Leisure

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We're attractive because we're nerdy, outdoorsy, and have "refined tastes in beverages," says Travel and Leisure. (The Minneapolis Central Library, Surly, and Lake Calhoun).
Travel and Leisure has confirmed what we already know. In the magazine's annual Favorite Cities 2012 survey, readers compare 35 cities across the country, and gave Minneapolis and St. Paul top marks in a full five categories.

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Vistors rank us the smartest city (followed by Seattle, with Vegas dead last -- sounds about right), though residents put us in fifth.

We're also the cleanest, fourth-friendliest, and fifth most tech-savvy. We have the best summer, the best public parks and outdoor access, and, who knew... the best home decor and design stores. Tourists seem to think we're inclusive and nice to animals, and rank MSP as the third-best place for a gay-friendly or pet-friendly trip.

But the best score is that visitors have decided we're cute. After two years out of the top ten most attractive cities, we're back in tenth place, according to fans who say we "walk the line between nerdy and outdoorsy." Readers are also, apparently, "impressed by the Minnesotans' refined tastes in beverages," i.e., delicious local beer and coffee culture.

It's not all dreamy. We come near the bottom for diversity (28th according to residents), and visitors warn against traveling here for wild weekends (#29), New Year's Eve (#30), spring break (#31), and winter (#32), though T+L readers dread Anchorage's, Seattle's, and Chicago's weather more than ours.

Overall, we rank third nationally for visitors (top five: Nashville, Austin, us, Savannah, and New Orleans), and tenth for residents.

Secure with all those accolades, go browse through the survey's approximately 1,000 other categories to see how we stack up (our music scene! Our ice cream!). There's also a handy City Face-Off tool that weighs any two cities' pros and cons and declares a winner. Better than a coin toss to decide your next trip.
screenshot from Travel and Leisure
Take that, Austin.

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