Watch the moment MN United found out they beat the marriage amendment [VIDEO]

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Photo: Youtube Screengrab.
Campaign manager Richard Carlbom hears the good news.
Tuesday was a long and uncertain night at the RiverCentre in St. Paul, where Minnesotans United for All Families -- the primary group opposing the anti-gay marriage amendment -- held its election party.

Gay marriage amendment defeated in Minnesota
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As the results poured in throughout the evening, it always looked as if they had an edge, but never anything a few right-leaning rural counties couldn't change.

By 1 a.m., the race was still too close to call, and the energy was leaving the room fast, save for a couple dance parties here and there from those trying to keep it going.

Photo: Andy Mannix
The scene around 1 a.m.

Someone addressed the crowd to announce they had only booked the room until 2 a.m., and everyone had to clear out in an hour. To those of us at the media table, the chances of seeing a final result before then seemed slim.

Apparently, the same can be said for the event's organizers.

An amazing video taken from the next room shows Richard Carlbom, the campaign's manager, explaining to staffers and volunteers that it was just too close, and they probably wouldn't have an outcome until at least the next day. A few minutes into a morale-lifting speech, someone breaks the news that the Associated Press just called the race, and Carlbom throws up his arms and screams in elation.

The candid moment, thankfully caught on tape, is a testament to the emotional investment campaigners had in defeating the amendment. The good news comes in at around 3:00, but you have to watch from the beginning to get the full effect:

Moments later, Carlbom and the others ran out to tell the rest of the party. "Tonight, Minnesota proved that love is bigger than government," he said.

Here's what the room looked like:

Photo: Andy Mannix

Photo: Andy Mannix

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