Who's the best Incredible Hulk: The Rock or Adrian Peterson? [POLL]

rock AP hulk.jpg
Neither of these jacked-up dudes need fake muscles to pull off the Hulk.
When we first caught a glimpse of Adrian Peterson's awesome Incredible Hulk costume, we thought it couldn't be topped -- until we saw movie star and former WWE wrestler The Rock's rendition of the same outfit.

We're not sure who wore it better, so we're putting the question to ya'll. Who's the better Hulk? Take a closer look at each of their respective costumes and cast your vote after the jump.

First, here's AP at the Vikings' team party, along with an unidentified Catwoman (click to enlarge):

adrian peterson hulk.jpeg

And here's The Rock, a.k.a., "The People's Hulk" (in WWE, he calls himself "The People's Champ"):

rock hulk full.jpeg
So what do you think -- who pulls off the muscle-bound, mad-as-hell-and-not-gonna-take-it-anymore alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner the best?

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