2012 is "The Year of Adrian Peterson," says new Sports Illustrated cover [IMAGE]

adrian peterson si rect.jpg
Four months ago, who could've imagined Vikes fans were about to witness one of the greatest individual seasons ever?
Put simply, Adrian Peterson's comeback has been one of the year's best sports stories. In the span of 10 months, AP went from spending New Year's Eve in a hospital bed following knee surgery to slapping little kids in the face after ridiculous TD runs.

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AP's feel-good story is recognized on the cover of the new Sports Illustrated, which proclaims 2012 to be "The Year of Adrian Peterson."

Here's the full cover image (click to enlarge):

adrian peterson si.jpg

Just imagine if AP continues the tear he's been on since October 21, puts up the 294 yards he needs to pass Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing yard and carries the Vikings to the playoffs during their final two games. Then Purple fans would be able to say they witnessed arguably the most remarkable season-long individual performance in the history of sports.

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