Bike Score drops Mpls's ranking to second, maps most and least bikeable spots in the city [IMAGES]

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screenshot from Walk Score
Walk Score's map of Minneapolis's overall bikeability.
Back in May, Walk Score, the website that assigns walkability grades to addresses across the country, branched out into Bike Score. For that first phase, Bike Score looked at just ten cities and rated them between 0 and 100. Minneapolis topped the list with a 79, nine points higher than runner-up Portland.

Now, Bike Score's expanded to 25 cities, and one of the newcomers, Boulder, Colo., has bumped us down to the silver. But along with the expanded list comes interesting new details about how we bike, including color-coded maps that highlight cyclists' best (and worst) territory within the city.

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The overall map, above, shows on the whole why we rank so well: It's mostly green, tinging into yellow as you move away from the urban core.

A map of the bike lanes, though, shows a more complicated picture:
screenshot from Walk Score
Where the bike lanes are.
Here, sizable portions of the city aren't fully equipped, with much of south and north registering in the orangey-red. But our terrain redeems us:
screenshot from Walk Score
No hills here.
The only place in town cyclists have to struggle up hills is along the Mississippi.

Another reassuring map plots where the bike commuters are, and shows that people are actually using all this infrastructure:
screenshot from Walk Score

For a comparison of how good it is to see so much green, take a look at the overall score map for Austin, which comes in at a surprisingly low 22nd place:
screenshot from Walk Score

Here's the full list:
1 Boulder, Colorado 86
2 Minneapolis, Minnesota 79
3 Fort Collins, Colorado 78
4 Ann Arbor, Michigan 76
5 Eugene, Oregon 75
5 Tempe, Arizona 75
7 Portland, Oregon 70
7 San Francisco, California 70
9 Boston, Massachusetts 68
9 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 68
11 Madison, Wisconsin 67
12 Washington, D.C. 65
13 Seattle, Washington 64
13 Tucson, Arizona 64
15 New York, New York 62
15 Chicago, Illinois 62
17 Miami, Florida 57
17 Oakland, California 57
19 Los Angeles, California 54
20 Houston, Texas 49
21 San Diego, California 48
22 Austin, Texas 45
23 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 39
24 Tyler, Texas 38
25 Cincinnati, Ohio 37

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