Bloomington sub teacher allegedly went berzerk, told 5th graders she's "tired of this fucking crap"

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Avery allegedly told her 5th grade classroom she "didn't give a fuck" about their names.
As anybody who wasn't homeschooled can attest, substitute teaching is a thankless, stressful job.

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That said, arguably the most important part of the gig is keeping your cool while students disrespect you and cause all sorts of trouble in the classroom. And in that respect, longtime substitute teacher Laura Avery failed about as hard as you can fail while subbing at Bloomington's Oak Grove Elementary school last week.

The trouble allegedly became during the very first class of the day on December 13, when Avery, 59, "began cursing at her [5th grade] classroom full of students when they were acting up," KARE reports.

It got worse from there. From WCCO:
[S]chool personnel found some of Avery's students crying in the hallway and reported that Avery cursed at and hurt them.

Avery told the students to get into a circle or she would slap them, the complaint says. When upset by classroom behavior, she reportedly said she was "tired of this f--ing crap," and when students corrected her pronunciations of their names, she said she "didn't give a f--" about their names.

Witnesses said Avery grabbed one student by the neck and slapped the student's shoulder. She reportedly dragged another student into the hallway by the hair. Two other students said their arms hurt after being dragged out into the hall.
Bizarrely, after school ended, Avery unexpectedly showed up at the house of the student she dragged by the hair just to ask how class went, WCCO reports. Did she think the student would give her a glowing review or what?

One of the 5th graders who had his arm yanked later said he heard his limb "pop" during Avery's meltdown, the Star Tribune reports.

And it's not like December 13 was Avery's first rodeo. She's been teaching for Bloomington Public Schools since 2003 -- including more than 70 days working as a substitute teacher since 2008 -- and has been a licensed teacher in Minnesota for more than 25 years. She had no documented history of problems in the classroom before last week.

But one no good, very very bad day was more than enough for Bloomington administrators. Avery was canned the very same day as her meltdown, and a criminal investigation began on December 14. She's been charged with one gross misdemeanor count of malicious punishment of a child and one misdemeanor count of tampering with a witness thanks to her unexpected after-school visit to the student's house. Avery faces up to a year and prison and a $4,000 fine.

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