Brett Buckner to challenge Don Samuels for City Council seat

Buckner plans to capitalize on historically low voter turnout.
North Minneapolis community organizer Brett Buckner will announce a bid for Don Samuels' Ward 5 City Council seat this afternoon at Avenue Eatery on West Broadway.

According to Buckner's Linkedin account, he's worked for Keith Ellison, the Minnesota DFL, and the Minneapolis NAACP. He's currently listed as the president and CEO of a company called BasePower US.

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Samuels hasn't formally announced plans for re-election, but his office confirms with City Pages that he will run.

Buckner plans to seek the DFL nomination next spring, says spokesman Dave Colling.

"Our plan is to increase turnout and get our folks out to vote," he says. "And if we do a good job like we plan on doing, we will win this election."

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