Chris Kluwe fined $5,250 for "Vote Ray Guy" uniform violation

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UPDATE: Chris Kluwe tweeted this morning that he was indeed fined the league-standard $5,250 for a first offense violating the uniform code.

During Sunday's home game against the Chicago Bears, a Post-it note on Chris Kluwe's uniform drew the announcer's attention. "Vote Ray Guy" the Post-it said.

As soon as the cameras zoomed in on Kluwe's uniform modification, the Twittersphere lit up with speculation that Kluwe would likely be fined. Shortly after the game, Kluwe acknowledged the likely tab in a bold tweet of his own:
Who is Ray Guy? The legendary Oakland Raider was the only punter to ever be selected first in the NFL draft. His punt hung up in the air so long that they reportedly invented the hang-time stat just to celebrate his achievements. 

In 1994, he was the first pure punter to be nominated for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But so far, he has been denied enshrinement.

Ray Guy: A punter worthy of the Football Hall of Fame

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