Chris Kluwe makes surprise Wits appearance [VIDEO]

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The election may be over, but Chris Kluwe keeps finding the spotlight. His latest media appearance: an unscheduled cameo on Wits.

The Vikings punter dropped in on the recording of the MPR program at the Fitzgerald Theater on Friday, joining comedian Maria Bamford and singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile. Wearing a t-shirt reading "Suck It Trebek," Kluwe delivered a minute-and-a-half monologue.

"Thank you, John, yes, I want to talk about a very important issue affecting trillions of Americans to this very day," Kluwe began. "There's a big problem in this country that's 147.3 percent of all Americans are not doing enough punting."

Here's the video, in which Kluwe ruminates about punting a baguette:

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@CampaignExpert I was more consumed (on 5x8) by Brandi Carlile. If you prefer Kluwe, well.... swell for you. :*)


@NewsCut Brandi is nice. Although Maria Bamford does something special to me.

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