Christian Ponder and Samantha Steele are reportedly engaged

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Just a couple months after they officially became a couple, Ponder and Steele are reportedly engaged.
According to Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch, Vikings QB Christian Ponder and ESPN college football sideline reporter Samantha Steele are engaged.

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That means the devoutly Christian QB named Christian has gone from being single in September, to publicly announcing he is dating Steele in October, to being engaged by December. If only he could read a defense as quickly!

From Deitsch: Though the sample size is small, we pointed out last fall that during his NFL career, Ponder has a history of playing better while single. But before Vikings fans get concerned, remember -- Ponder's play can't get any worse than what we witnessed last Sunday in Green Bay.

Jokes aside, congratulations to the newly engaged couple.

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Branden Strot
Branden Strot

hope it works out for her better then it did for the vikings.


He figured he had to "put a ring on it" while he still has a job as a starting quartberback in the NFL.  He better hope that they get the wedding done with soon.  Nobody wants to marry a guy that's waiting tables or washing dishes.

Brian Mazur
Brian Mazur

...rumor is there won't be a reception...


@citypages @cponder7 @Samantha_Steele at least somebody wants him! Confirmed #bad

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