Christian Ponder marries Samantha Steele three months after saying, "I'm a lone wolf right now"

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In September, Ponder said of his romantic life: "I got nothing going on." How quickly things change!
Almost exactly three months ago, Christian Ponder told C.J. that football is his girlfriend. Well, if that's still true, it means he's cheating on his new wife.

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After no more than four months of dating, Ponder and Steele are now married. They tied the knot Monday afternoon in Wisconsin, 13 days after news of their engagement went public.

From the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram:
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and ESPN reporter Samantha Steele were married late Monday afternoon in St. Croix County Court, according to court officials.

Ponder, 24, and Steele, who turned 27 last week, were married by Court Commissioner Stephen Dunlap.

According to county records, Steele listed an Arizona address, while Ponder listed his residence as Excelsior, Minn. It is the first marriage for both.

According to previous reports, the two met earlier this year on the set of ESPN's "College GameDay." Ponder confirmed in October that the two were dating.
Let's hope his new marriage doesn't distract Ponder from preparing from the Vikings crucial tilt in Houston on Sunday. Then again, even if it did, given how dreadfully he's played since right around the time he publicly announced he was dating Steele, how would we know the difference?

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