Coaches Tubby Smith and Jerry Kill are U of M's highest-paid employees in 2012

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On the list of top-earning University of Minnesota employees for fiscal year 2012, University President Eric Kaler comes in a distant third.

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His $588,844.65 salary for the fiscal year, which ended June 30, sits well below men's basketball coach Tubby Smith's and football coach Jerry Kill's. The two athletics heads took home $1,891,555 and $1,256,276 respectively, the St. Cloud Times reports.

Those numbers are above both coaches' normal salaries. Smith's regular earnings are $734,072.43, but he received $1,157,482.73 in "other earnings" for the year.

Similarly, Kill makes $653,846.28 regularly, but pulled in the nearly the same amount, $602,429.60, in extras during FY 2012.

Professors finally make an appearance in the last two spots in the top five, both from the medical school: Regents Professor Bruce R. Blazar, the director of the Center for Translational Medicine, earned $575,630, and Selwyn M .Vickers, chairman of the surgery department and a pancreatic cancer researcher, made $529,079.

This ranking is starkly different from the one just three years ago, for fiscal year 2009. Smith was still the top earner, with $1,783,150, but then-football coach Tim Brewster made a mere $850,840 total, and the then-dean of the Carlson School of Management earned more than then-president Bob Bruinicks.

Bruinicks's earnings jumped from $455,000 in 2010 to $747,9555 in 2011, his final year, as is common for outgoing university presidents, reports the Chronicle of Higher Education.

2012 details aren't just available for the top earners. In the name of transparency, the St. Cloud Times has arranged the yearly earnings for every U of M employee in a handy, searchable database.

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Nate Brennan
Nate Brennan

The highest of any state employees, I believe, though I suppose that's expected from one of its largest institutions.

Brad Benson
Brad Benson

And those salaries are on the low end nationally

Jory Mages
Jory Mages

I wonder what the U's return is on the investment? I imagine its considerable.


@Jory Mages Show me the numbers.

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