Cute Vikings fans photobombed at Lambeau by middle finger-flipping Packers backer [PHOTO]

vikes pack finger rect.jpeg
If you're wearing purple at Lambeau Field, no photo is safe.
A couple of cute Vikings fans looking to photographically chronicle their Lambeau Field experience received a rude awakening when a Packers fan who looks like she could be Clay Matthews' sister used a single finger to deliver a message they won't forget.

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Something tells us the Packers fan wasn't trying to communicate how many beers deep she was, unless a single finger means a couple thirteen fourteen. And it's a shame, because without the middle-finger photobomb, the picture really would've turned out nicely!

Here's the full image (click to enlarge):

vikes pack finger full.jpeg

Tensions apparently ran high both during and after the Packers 23-14 win on December 2. Following the game, a brawl between Vikings and Packers fans resulted in police scouring the area for "a man wearing a purple sombrero." He was later arrested behind a nearby Kmart.

The NFL -- bringing out the best in people since 1920.

-- Hat-tip: Deadspin --

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