Danny Bettcher, state DWI record holder, back in jail after getting busted drinking

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Danny Bettcher has spent more than a half-decade in prison thanks to his inability to stop drinking and driving.
It's not a record anybody wants to have, but it's Danny Bettcher's claim to fame. The 59-year-old resident of New York Mills has the most DWIs in Minnesota history -- 27.

-- Kevin Tegtmeier arrested for 14th DUI, called "menace to society"
-- Justin Clark had roughly 35 drinks in four hours before 0.627 DUI arrest

Just over a month after being released for prison, Bettcher is back in jail after he was "allegedly seen in an establishment that serves alcohol, and was consuming alcohol, both violations of his parole," the East Otter Tail focus reports.

According to the Focus, Bettcher had to stay sober as a condition of his release. A December 18 hearing will determine how long he remains behind bars.

The Star Tribune interviewed Bettcher as part of a 2010 series on repeat drunk-driving offenders. At the time, Bettcher was in prison thanks to his most recent DWI conviction.

From the Strib:
Bettcher, who spent more than four years behind bars for a prior drunken driving offense, was arrested after downing a few rounds of beer and Jagermeister and sailing his motorcycle through a four-way stop. He was released from prison nine months earlier. "I drink to get drunk,'' said Bettcher...

Bettcher said he was doing well in treatment when he got his most recent DWI. He can't explain why he decided to throw it all away by drinking and crawling onto his motorcycle last May.

He said he never considered the threat he posed when driving drunk.

"You just go blank more or less,'' said Bettcher, who has mostly worked at construction or handyman jobs that didn't require a license. "You're out to have a good time and you're not thinking of nothing else."
It's that inability to control himself that could land Bettcher behind bars for the rest of the four-year sentence he began serving in January 2010 after his upcoming hearing.

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