Idle No More flash dance brings more than 1,000 protesters to Mall of America [VIDEO]

Idle No More protests like the one at MOA Saturday are a response to the Canadian government's effort to abrogate treaties signed with Native communities.
Shoppers at the Mall of America on Saturday evening got more entertainment than they bargained for, as the mall's eastern rotunda was packed with more than 1,000 people, including hundreds of Native Americans, for an Idle No More protest flash dance.

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The Idle No More movement began earlier this month in Canada as a response to the conservative government's effort to allow the sale of land originally set aside for indigenous people, but has since spread to America and Mexico. A smaller-scale protest dance in the IDS Center's Crystal Court on Christmas Eve resulted in the controversial arrest of American Indian Movement co-founder Clyde Bellecourt. Bellecourt was also in attendance at the Mall of America on Saturday.

"We have to look out for our own -- what happens in Canada happens here and what happens here happens in Canada," Bellecourt said on Saturday, according to a WCCO report.

Over 700 people RSVP'd for the MOA protest dance on Facebook, the Twin Cities Daily Planet reports, and more than that showed, with shoppers on the second- and third-floor balconies crammed around a railing to film the action below.

Here's video footage shot near the drum circle:

And here's a video capturing how things looked and sounded from the balcony:

In an interview with the Planet, one of the organizer's of Saturday's protest, Mesha Camp, characterized the dance circle as a form of "non-violent action" that's especially effective because "It speaks to youth, helps them to get involved, and look at what's happening."

"What better way than with our songs?" Camp added.

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So, in response to the Canadian government selling land, they set up war camp at the MOA? Why not go to the Edmonton Mall? At least that is in Canada. And why inconvenience and annoy completely innocent MOA shoppers? They sound like nothing more than attention starved narcissists to me.


@senatortombstone Oh, and to your question: Why inconvenience and annoy innocent shoppers at MOA? 

Because the movement has recieved no Media attention whatsoever. Now you know about it don't you?? Hahaha  A little trick from the 60's and 70's we learned from protesters who couldn't get media attention.


@senatortombstone Because the line that separates Canada and @merica means nothing to the indigenous population. A bill in Canada that affects indigenous, affects all indigenous peoples as one no matter what country they reside. Any bill in @merica similar will get indigenous attention in Canada. The indigenous peoples of the Americas (continent) fight for each other. If the united states and Canada were not close allies, then it wouldn't make sense like you say, but that is not the case at all. Even if it were, indigenous peoples would still fight for each other. Indigenous are not tricked into the school curriculum teachings that make one think a certain way. For example, if indigenous people were taught ignorantly the things that were taught to you, below I will leave some questions you might get asked by an indigenous individual of school curriculum ignorance.. You probably still think columbus 'discovered' @merica, right senatortombstone? If you could be open minded and see what it is like to be indigenous to these lands governed by a completely separate entity (england/uk) than you would understand the unity more clearly. Indigenous think very differently and are open minded when it comes to politics because of the situation the indigenous population face. No other people are naturally open minded. Indigenous peoples who learn @merican history and the history of themselves have their mind automatically opened, unlike the average citizen. That is as close of an explanation that I can give off the top of my head, and I'm sure someone like you will never even grasp what I am trying to say. Some do, but I can already tell you are programmed in your thought process not to change your mind, unless the mainstream media were to tell you to do so. The indigenous pray for you!. We are all relatives through our mother... earth.

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9. I'm part white myself, you know.
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