Michael Williams convicted of stealing Hot Pockets two months after stealing a puppy

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Depending on your opinion of Hot Pockets, you might say Williams (left) has good taste when it comes to stealing things.
In 2012, Michael Williams has allegedly broken into trailers and stolen just about everything that wasn't nailed down: video games, TVs, Hot Pockets, and even a puppy.

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The 20-year-old Fergus Falls resident faces 10 years of supervised probation and over $2,700 in fines after pleading guilty to second-degree burglary on December 3. Police cracked the case after Williams failed to dispose of incriminating snack-food wrappers.

From the Fergus Falls Journal:
According to Otter Tail County Court records, Michael Wayne Williams, 20, broke into a trailer home, allegedly with the help of two others, and stole a 32-inch Vizio TV, video games and an economy size pack of Hot Pockets May 28.

The stolen items were left in a storage unit overnight before Williams and one other person drove to Pawn America in Fargo and sold the TV for $125.

Williams was friends with the victim's former roommate, and police discovered Hot Pocket wrappers in a Jewel Motel room Williams had been renting.
It's unclear whether Williams burned his mouth while mowing through the Hot Pockets pack.

Four months after that heist, Williams allegedly again broke into a trailer and stole something you wouldn't expect. From a September 25 Journal report:
A man called Fergus Falls police around 2:45 p.m., reporting that he observed Michael Wayne Williams break into his home at 1668 County Road 111. Williams allegedly kicked in a door and took a puppy from the residence.

Williams was located by police at a relative's home. The puppy was recovered, and Williams was arrested for second degree burglary. Though police said Williams had past contact with the burglarized home's resident (even staying at the address for a short time), Williams reportedly would not discuss his motivations with officers.
What's next, stealing someone's plants? Or maybe Williams could use some silverware?

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Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson

I've seen middle school kids write better articles than Aaron Rupar.


Hot pockets and puppies, hot pockets and puppies, I can't get enough of these hot pockets and puppies.

Nicholas Rupar
Nicholas Rupar

Are you telling me that my stash of Hot Pockets is no longer safe?

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